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Free printable Scrabble games and homemade Scrabble and Boggle word games

Looking for hands-on spelling lesson plans? Here's a fun, easy DIY language arts game to make using homemade Scrabble or Boggle dice. Use manipulatives with preschool through high school, in reading, writing and spelling activities. Here are free printable Scrabble games plus instructions for a homemade word game I call Babble (Scrabble plus Boggle). The site gives free printable Scrabble tiles if you want to play the traditional game too! 

I love the word games Boggle and Scrabble in which players make words from random letters. Both Scrabble and Boggle are superb word games for spelling and reading practice. So I invented a game called Babble, that combines the scoring of Scrabble with the letter mix-up of Boggle. Use with the free printable games I've linked to, in reading lesson plans, spelling games and writing activities. Here's how to make and play Babble.  

You will need

12 dice: Recycle die from old games like Kismet or Yahtzee.
Dice can be purchased at almost any store for under $2).

Permanent markers

Blank stickers (round or square white stickers are best)

Note pad

small pencils

watch or timer

small box

To make Babble: (Scrabble plus Boggle)

Affix a sticker to each of the six sides of the die.

Label each die side with a different letter. With 12 dice times six sides you will have room for 72 letters. Since some letters are more popular, label dice this way. It makes no difference where on the dice you put which letters, Just be sure to get this many letters in.

  -four times each, letters: A, E, I, O, U, R, S, T, L, N

  -three times each letters: B, C, D, F, G, H, M, P

  -one time each, letters: J, K, Q, V, W, X, Y, Z

  -dictionary to check spelling

To play Scraggle:

Distribute pencils and pads. Players take turns shaking box with letter dice, to rearrange.

Player open box and make sure all dice are flat and showing letters.

Time players for three to five minutes, to see how many words they can make with letters showing.

Scoring is as follows: 

  -3 letter words = 5 points

  -4 letter words = 10 points

  -5 letter words = 20 points

  -6 letter words = 50 points

  -7 letter words = 100 points

  -8 letter words = 200 points

Players should check each others words for accuracy.

Use the free printable spelling worksheets plus this game for learning on the go! Do spelling lesson plans in the car, at the store, on a place, while waiting in line; anywhere you go it goes. 

Free online English homework help, ELA tutoring, English composition help

Have you ever sat staring blankly at what is supposed to your English paper? Blank is the right adverb. You feel empty and your sheet of blank paper, waiting. Your English homework is due tomorrow and you haven't got a clue what to write or how to write it or both. Here are websites with free online tutoring in English, ELA (English Language Arts), literature homework and writing homework help. Use the school tech lab if you need wifi. And remember to go over writing homework papers with spellcheck and grammar check. Ask an adult or older sibling to proofread before turning in English homework. These websites offer not-for-profit writing homework help and free online tutoring from colleges, universities and school.

Ref Desk offers vetted links for free online tutoring and homework help for subjects and for grades elementary to college. Ref Desk offers research helps, "Ask the expert" free online tutoring, reference materials, writing homework guidelines, and a personalized page for you to add notes and materials.

This site has writing homework help on essays. You'll write essays on many different topics in many different classes. The essay is one of the most common writing assignments. This site would be a good one to bookmark. The Internet Library System is now closed so free online tutoring isn't available but you can still access writing homework help information.

Fact Monster has English, literature homework and writing homework help geared for 6th to 8th grade. Get free online tutoring in writing papers, literature homework and ELA assignments. Brain Mass is a free online tutoring community in which you can post a question on English homework or comment and get feedback from other students. You can also submit an essay for a professional to read, remark on and give advice. That's a really useful feature. Infoplease works similarly to Brain Mass without the interactive homework help component.

Spark Notes and CliffsNotes websites offer tons of reading and literature homework help. Cliffnotes is probably a little more dry and cerebral while Spark Notes is funkier and edgier. Spark Notes does a nice job balancing book and movie versions of literature. Kids often relate to movie versions of classics maybe better than books. Pink Monkey offers book study guides and literature homework help

Free Printable Murder Mystery Games, for Mystery Genre Lesson Plans

Teaching a unit on mystery in ELA? Then I've got a treat for you. Just in time for Halloween, free printable murder mystery games. English language arts teachers and homeschoolers, feast your eyes on this plethora of free murder mystery games and murder mystery play writing prompts.  Print murder mystery party games and use as a companion American or English literature lesson plans. These activities would nicely supplement lesson plans on Agatha Christie, Edgar Allen Poe, Cornell Woolrich or other classic crime fiction. There's on that dates back to Elizabethan England to Shakespeare's time. Perfect for Readers Workshop, Writers Workshop or whole-class activities. From a vintage literati-mysterati, happy sleuthing!  "The Raven" (2012-John Cusack) is rated R, but could be a good connection movie in appropriate high school settings. Read on Read on

Free Printable Bingo Games- Customize for Content Area

Bingo games are one of the oldest and most beloved board games and party games Bingo games can be converted into an endless number of configurations, besides the general number bingo. Teachers use bingo games to teach content. Here are free printable bingo games. Print bingo boards with letters, numbers, pictures, math problems and bingo in various languages. Many of these free printable Bingo games are customizable to your individual needs.
Brownie Locks has cute, customizable free printable Bingo games and bingo cards. The web administrator also gives you tips for customizable bingo cards for wedding showers, baby shower, holiday, Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, Halloween Thanksgiving, and other party games. She has provided word lists to use in place of numbers. Tip Junkie has a gajillion free printable Bingo games and bingo cards in a spectrum of themes.
Print-Bingo has free printable customizable Bingo cards and words lists. DL-TK offers excellent free printable party games, activities, crafts and party supplies. DL-TK features free printable bingo games with picture images for different themes. There a variety of sizes and images for bingo. You can print letter or number bingo.
Create your free printable bingo games customizable bingo cards and use for holiday party games using matching words. For example, you might make bingo games using these words instead of B-I-N-G-O. BIRTH (for baby shower), BRIDE (for bachelorette party or bridal shower), GROOM (for bridal shower or bachelor party), GREEN (for Christmas, Earth Day), BUNNY (for Easter), BIBLE (for Christian and religious parties), CINCO (for Cinco de Mayo) and HEART (for Valentine's Day). Use customizable bingo cards for lesson plans in school.

Free printable bingo games can be used for childrens' parties also. Here are popular birthday themes: SHREK, PANDA (Kung-Fu Panda), ALICE (Alice in Wonderland), CLOWN, PUPPY, KITTY, HORSE, SNAKE, MAGIC, MUSIC, BOOKS, WORLD, TRAIN, BOATS and others birthday party words. Adults, you can play OSCAR bingo party games with Academy Award night parties. Visit this blog for DIY Party Planner

Free Printable Charlie Bone Book Series Activities and Games

Charlie Bone Book Series by Jenny Nimmo: Review and Free Activities In 2002, British author Jenny Nimmo gave us Midnight for Charlie Bone. The Charlie Bone books series has grown to six and is finding a delighted audience with children and teens. Here are links for free Charlie Bone activities and games. read more

Free Printable Dr. Seuss Games, Puzzles, Crafts

March 2 marks the birthday of American icon Dr. Seuss, aka Theodor Suess Geisel. Dr. Seuss wrote pearls of wisdom in silly verse. He illustrated them in candy flavors and neon colors. The Lorax, Horton, the Grinch, The Cat in the Hat are among the world's most beloved children's books. He also wrote educational preschool stories under the scrambled pseudonym Theo LeSieg. March is also National Reading Month, kicked off with Read Across America. Use these activities to celebrate with children in classrooms or homeschool.
Start your activities quest at Here are free printable Dr. Seuss activities. has free printable Grinch coloring pages from Dr. Seuss's holiday classic "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." The Grinch and the Whos of Whoville are some of Dr. Seuss's best-known and most beloved characters. Homeschool Share has many free printable Dr. Seuss worksheets, coloring pages and activities. Lucy Learns has Cat in the Hat coloring pages. There are also printables of The Sneetches, The Lorax, Sam-I-Am and Green Eggs and Ham.
PBS Kids offers free printable Dr. Seuss character coloring pages and activities. The homepage,The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That has a plethora of Seuss-themed lesson plans, games, crafts and puzzles. Lessons cover math, reading, writing and science. Gerald McBoing-Boing, red and blue fishes, Horton Hears a Who and other Seuss characters help kids learn.

Seussville is the homepage for all things Dr. Seuss. This link takes you to the games and activities page, with lots of free printable Seuss goodies. There are printable Earth Day games based on the Lorax, Cat in the Hat counting games, preschool worksheets, coloring pages and gobs more. But don't stop there. Check the Parents and Educators tabs for other educational Seuss activities.

Free Printable Coraline Coloring Pages and Activities

 Did you love Coraline the book and movie? Here are free printable Coraline coloring pages and Neil Gaiman book activities. This site is written in French, but you can easily print the Coraline coloring pages by double clicking your left mouse button on the image that you want. Scroll down past the dialog to find the twelve free printable coloring pages from the movie version. Print Coraline in the other house, the Beldam or Other Mother, Other Father, Cat, Wydie, Mr. Bobinski plus Miss Spink and Miss Forcible. Use coloring pages as follow up book activities. Here are lesson plans and more Coraline book activities.

Kidsuki has free printable Coraline coloring pages from the movie and Neil Gaiman book activities. Print movie posters and black and white images to color. Here are a few more free printable Coraline coloring pages Here are Coraline book activities and lesson plans. You also seriously need to check out the cool paranormal stuff on the Coraline website. Then visit the Neil Gaimanwebsite to keep up with this uber talented, scary-visionary guy's activities. 

Free Printable Mysteries of Harris Burdick Lesson Plans-- Chris VanAllsburg Activities

 Want to hold your students spellbound? Invite them to explore the work of Chris Van Allsburg's The Mysteries of Harris Burdick. It's a great book to read aloud to kids. Harris Burdick mysteries make great writing prompts and story starters. Great for Readers Workshop and Writers Workshop activities. teachers, homeschool parents, here are free printable Mysteries of Harris Burdick story starters and lesson plans.
First, check out the free printable Mysteries of Harris Burdick. Print a set of free printable Mysteries of Harris Burdick pictures as story starters and have students choose their favorite. Mine is "Missing in Venice" I think. Or maybe it's "The Seven Chairs?" Wait, how could I forget "Mr. Linden's Library" or "Captain Tory?" Aiyy! See how hard it is?? Anyway, have students explore samples of student writing to explain these mysterious pictures. Then let them try their hand at penning a plausible ending. Compile these stories into a book or website. Use these free printable Mysteries of Harris Burdick story starters. Share the joy of puzzling out these wondrous stories.

Free Printable Winter Olympics, Summer Olympics Lesson Plans

Teacher Planet has an Olympic-sized database of free printable worksheets on the Winter Olympics and Summer Olympic Games. Worksheets cover reading, creative writing, research, health, history, geography, social studies, science and math activities. Of particular interest to physical education teachers are the Olympic Games simulation activities. Instead of being mere spectators, kids can recreate the Winter Olympics and Summer Olympics at home or at school.
The Lesson Lady on Teachers Pay Teachers offers a 10-page set of free printable Olympic Games worksheets, including coloring pages, a reading game, sports word scramble puzzle, a Winter Olympics and Summer Olympics word search, Sudoku puzzle, word bank trivia and several Olympics creative drawing pages. Teacher Vision has an entire collection of free printable Summer Olympics worksheets and activities as well as lesson plans on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where the XXXI Olympic Games will be held. Users may print up to five activities for free and then must pay for a subscription. ABC Teach has loads more free printable Olympics lesson plans across the curricula in math, science, writing, reading, phonics, science, social studies, history, geography and more.
Then visit Activity Village for a host of free printable Olympic Games for kids activities

Free Printable Fantastic Mr. Fox Movie Activities, Book Lessons

Do you love Roald Dahl books? A better question might be which are your favorites? If you said The BFG (Big Friendly Giant) then give three cheers because Disney brings out The BFG movie (with uber talented Mark Rylance) July, 2016! To celebrate, here are free printable BFG coloring pages and also free printable coloring pages from other Roald Dahl books to movies. Many Roald Dahl books have made it big as movies: Danny the Champion of the World, Matilda, James and the Giant Peach, Fantastic Mr. Fox and, of course, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, twice over! Did you like Johnny Depp or Gene Wilder better as Willie Wonka?
Activity Village has several free printable activities from the Fantastic Mr. Fox book and movie. First, create the a free printable fox mask template for the sartorial gent. Print two fox masks so that you can design one for Fantastic Mr Fox and the other for his fantastic wife, Mrs. Fox to act out scenes. There's also and origami fox that looks just like the book version of Fantastic Mr Fox when folded. Print two foxes and use as hand puppets. There are Willie Wonka coloring pages too.
Scholastic has several free printable Fantastic Mr Fox lesson plans for Roald Dahl Day. Here arefree printable Fantastic Mr Fox worksheets. The get some free printable Fantastic Mr Fox coloring pages, puzzles and games from Twinkl. These are samples for paid printables. The best lesson plans come from the Roald Dahl website. Get free printable Roald Dahl books lesson plans based on The BFG, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, Willie Wonka, James and the Giant Peach, Matilda, Esio Trot, Boy, The Twits, The Vicar of Nibbleswick (funniest ever) and more. Print games, worksheets, puzzles, literature homework help, crafts and more.
Here are free printable BFG and Roald Dahl books coloring pages. Fans of the books will be glad to know that most of the Roald Dahl coloring pages are from book illustrator Quentin Blake. Here areMatilida coloring pages. Here's an assorted collection of Quentin Blake illustrations to color including the enigmatic Willie Wonka and other characters.

Roald Dahl has the distinction of giving children some of the best-loved characters, like Willie Wonka, the BFG, Fantastic Mr Fox and others, but also of writing books that grownups frequently ban and challenge! How fun! James and the Giant Peach frequently comes in for a pasting as does The Witches. The Witches is laugh out loud and adults mayn't like so much hilarity, or noise. Or maybe their shoes are on too tight. At any rate, here are activities to keep you busy till the BFG movie and Roald Dahl Day arrive!

Free Printable Shakespeare Reader's Guide

Beware the Ides of March! And students, beware of teachers quoting Shakespeare, or Julius Caesar in March! Teachers adore Shakespeare and the Ides of March (March 15) is their feast day! But students--meh, not so much. Are you struggling with Shakespeare? Do you despise your literature teacher for making you read Middle English? Do you fail to see the appeal of the Bard of Avon? That is perfectly understandable, but don't despair. Here are tips to vanquish that Shakespearean tragedy, parse his sonnets and laugh in the face of the Bard's comedy. Teachers and homeschool parents, use these lesson plans to make Shakespeare more approachable for students.
Use your textbook lexicon to translate Middle English. A lexicon is a reference guide like a dictionary that defines and explains word usage from different dialects, regions or periods. Many publishers include a lexicon in the form of references at the bottom of each page. Penguin and Dover Thrift classics of Shakespearean works also include lexicons. Here are free printable Shakespeare lesson plans with lexicons, teachers.
Use a specifically- Shakespeare lexicon. A lexicon will make mincemeat of troublesome Middle English and make you battle-ready for the Ides of March inspired homework assignments! Here are more free printable Shakespeare lesson plans to put Shakespearean dialog in user-friendly terms.
Use Internet study guides. Many sites offer free study guides on Shakespeare's books and sonnets. They will include a character analysis, character web, plot timeline, major themes and chapter or verse breakdown, as well as an explanation of unfamiliar terms. Cliffnotes, Sparknotes, Bookrags, E-Notes and Pink Monkey provide great literary help with Middle English, Here are more free printable Shakespeare resources.
Read any Shakespeare story in the narrative or children's version. Julius Caesar should beware the Ides of March and teachers should beware of reading the play versions of Shakespearean works until students have a feel for the actual story without all the confusing theatrical notes and dialogue. Charles and Mary Lamb and Evelyn Nesbit have written beautiful story versions of Shakespeare's that are very readable for all ages.
When you get to the play, read the dialogue aloud. Shakespeare is first and foremost a playwright. His works were written for actors in a theater. His sonnets were written to be read aloud. Read plays as if you're a troupe of theatre actors. Put a little enthusiasm into it! Add the correct emotion (which the play will tell you in parenthesis). Get into character. Reading aloud as Shakespeare's plays were meant to be read, will help you to understand the flow and meaning of the dialogue.

Visualize the similes and metaphors
. Shakespeare was free with metaphor, so to understand his phraseology is to connect with his metaphorical references (which may be very different in Medieval/Renaissance England than in 2016!)

Free Printable Literature Lessons from Scholastic Book Clubs

Scholastic Books - the Clubs, the Website and the Products Run, don't walk to find your nearest Scholastic Book Fair or catalog or go online to . If you haven't accessed the deluge of great inexpensive and free resources at Scholastic, then what are you waiting for? Review of one the finest companies dedciated to promoting literacy, education and learning. Read More

Free Printable Kevin Henkes Lesson Plans

Kevin Henkes has given the world of children's literature some wonderfully endearing stories. Most Kevin Henkes kids' books feature anthropomorphic mice facing typical issues that children face. Beloved Kevin Henkes characters include Sheila Rae the Brave, Chrysanthemum, Julius, Owen, Lilly, Chester, Wemberly and Wendell. His kids' book "Kitten's First Full Moon," won the coveted and prestigious Caldecott book medal for best illustrations in children's literature.
If you like this lovable children's literature author, you will want to visit his website and explore thefree printable Kevin Henkes book activities he's made based on some of his beloved characters. The website has free printable word games, puzzles and coloring pages. These are useful for summer enrichment activities, day care fun, children's literature lesson plans and homeschooling activities. Or parents might want to print them just for fun at home.
Kevin Henkes' publisher, Harper Collins has put some of the free printable activities on their website. You might like the free printable activity book for "Lilly's Big Day" Lilly eagerly awaits the best day of her life, being a flower girl in a wedding. She encounters the usual fears and drama. This activity book would be great follow-up or preparation for any event that your child is anticipating. Bibliotherapy, or problem-solving using literature is especially therapeutic for young or special needs children who struggle to find their own voice. Seeing a funny little mouse experience similar events and feelings is tremendously reassuring.

Lilly is the same mouse who so charmed with her purple plastic purse in the book of the same name. Scroll down the page here for all the Lilly and Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse printables Teaching Heart has free printable "Wemberly Worried" and "Chrysanthemum" activities. There are lesson plans from the Kevin Henkes book "Owen" too. Read these books your kids, parents, and you'll see why everyone loves them so.

Free Printable Chronicles of Narnia Coloring Lessons

Educators and homeschool parents, are you looking for free printable lesson plans on fantasy literature? Then you need to check out the Chronicles of Narnia, by C.S. Lewis. If you're teaching Chronicles of Narnia books unit studies, here are free printable Narnia coloring pages and lesson plans. Children have loved the Narnia books for decades. in the 1980s, PBS Wonderworks made some of the seven books into movies. Films have been made for The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Prince Caspian, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and The Silver Chair as well. Check out the Narnia homepage for free printable Chronicles of Narnia coloring pages, lesson plans, games, puzzles, crafts and coloring pages to augment your book study. Get free teacher and homeschool resources, educational activities, printable Narnia maps, online games and more.
Here's a site with free printable Narnia coloring pages. Coloring Book has another set of free printable Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe coloring pages. Narnia coloring pages featuring the Pevensee children Edmund, Peter, Susan and Lucy, their cousin Eustace, Prince Caspian, Reepicheep, Drinian, Rince, the Dragon, Aslan and others. Websites feature detailed, realistic images from movies Prince Caspian, and The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe movies. Here are Narnia crafts and Narnia coloring pages from the books series. Activity Village has free printable Narnia coloring pages and games galore! Print word search games--great for book study guides and tests--from each book in the Chronicles of Narnia series:
The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
Prince Caspian
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
The Magician's Nephew (the first book chronologically in the series)
The Silver Chair
The Horse and His Boy
The Last Battle.
There are is also a free printable mouse mask for Reepicheep, free printable dragon crafts and coloring pages (no spoilers, but SOMEONE--not saying who--turns into a dragon in a wonderful allegorical twist!) There's a Many-Coloured Sugar recipe (such as Caspian ate at the feast), a shield craft, sword craft and a castle craft which could be Cair Paravel.
Homeschool Giveaway lists links for free printable Chronicles of Narnia lesson plans, crafts, worksheets, book study guides and games. Here are free printable vocabulary lesson plans from Narnia books. And here are lots more teacher- made lesson plans for The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe book study guides

Free Printable Captain Underpants Activities, Dav Pilkey Coloring pages

March is National Reading Month--time to celebrate kids' books and their authors. Today's featured book guy is Dav Pilkey, a very silly man with a middle school juvenile sense of humor. Who is Dav Pilkey you ask? Well, adults might not know the name, but kids will recognize him as the author/illustrator of graphic novels and kids books, notably Captain Underpants.  Pilkey has many well-loved kids books and graphic novels to his credit. But his most enduring is the supremely ridiculous "Captain Underpants" stories. Oh and grownups, graphic novels are stories told in cartoons or comics, not dirty books! Jeff Kinney author of "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series is another graphic novels writer.
So Captain Underpants is a farsical superhero, but then anti-heroes are kind of en vogue right now with Deadpool. And Kylo Ren--kids love that Star Wars bad guy almost as much as his evil dad Darth Vader. People must be tired of the schmaltzy superhero good guy. Captain Underpants is a good--but very weird--guy. Along with his sidekick, Super Diaper Baby he battles The Wicked Wedgie Woman, The Lunch Ladies from Outer Space, Bionic Booger Boy (!) and Professor Poopypants. Children (especially boys) adore the title alone. As you might suspect the Captain Underpants stories are filled with (gross, just heard it!) puerile humor so loved by lower elementary school students. So how about some free printable Captain Underpants fun, to get your "fill" of silly, slightly sickening second grade comedy?
Dav Pilkey has several another popular series stories: Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot, The Dumb Bunnies, Big Dog and Little Dog, Dragon and two which are almost as popular as Captain Underpants--Kat Kong and Dogzilla. Pilkey uses pictures of his pets in these books. They too are very immature and goofy. The author has written and illustrated quite a few non-series serious books that are well-loved also. His book The Paperboy was chosen as a runner up for the prestigious Caldecott picture book award.
His website is full of fun stuff to do. Web pages are laid out like graphic novels and feature his messy handwriting font. There are fun Dav Pilkey kids book games. There are severalfree printable flip-o-rama kids book games that show how a movie is made from scenes or sketches. Best of all, Dav has put about twenty free printable Captain Underpants coloring pages and coloring pages and other kids book games. on his website. This site has a free printable Captain Underpantsbookmark.

Dav Pilkey gets some cr*p for his potty humor (pun intended) but maybe children's literature needs more silly stories, to un-stuffy it. It's good to see authors not only writing and but creating kids book games and activities based on their works. Enjoy these free printable kids book games activities and read his books. For more free printable kids book games, crafts, activities, coloring and lesson plans visit the Grand Rapids Parenting Examiner blogs Free Printable Lesson Plans and Free Coloring Pages 4U and Kidz Literature.

Free Printable File Folder Games

March is National Reading Month. Here's a great lesson plan to teach reading with file folder games. Students can learn just about any subject using file folder games to reinforce content and practice skills. Here are free printable file folders games online. Besides reading, teach math, reading, spelling, grammar, phonics, science, social studies and more. Print games for all ages and ability levels: preschool, kindergarten, elementary, special needs, middle school. Use for homeschool, too.
File Folder Fun has over 100 free printable file folder games in content areas across the curriculum. Search by age, grade level, theme and subject. File folder themes include animals, foods, flowers, weather, ocean life, circus. Themes teach math, reading, science, social studies, phonics, spelling, math, ELA (English Language Arts) history, music and other preschool and elementary school subjects. Click the games you want. The click "download." And voila, a screen appears with game background, pieces, cards, all materials you need, free.
File Folder Farm has gobs of free printable file folder games for math, English, reading, writing, spelling, science, social studies and more. Games can be used with varied ages. Click the game you want. The print, cut out and and assemble. Or better still, print in black and white. Have students color, cut and paste and assemble. You get two activities--craft, lesson plan and game--all in one!
Cindy's Autistic Support has free printable math file folder games. Use to teach counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division file folder games. You can make individual games for each math fact (times table) family.
To make file folder games:
Print game board and glue to inside of file folder. Write instructions on outside. Laminate or cover with contact paper. Make a spinner by drawing a circle. Divide like a pie. Label segments with game advancement options. Place paperclip on paper fastener (brad). Poke fastener through center of circle. Spin paper clip.

Store game cards or pieces in zippered plastic bag or envelope stapled to folder. File folder games store upright in filing cabinet or drawer. Get extra craft mileage from free printable file folder games by assigning students make them.

Free Printable ESL Lessons, Spanish Language Lesson Plans

Spanish is quickly becoming America's second language after English. Many businesses and stores are taking the initiative to print information in Spanish as well as English and even in other foreign language texts. Many jobs now require that employees be bilingual in Spanish and English. And of course, there's a large Hispanic and Latino population who speaks English as a second language. I'm a former ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher. One of the best conversational language activities was to role-play dialog games. I or the students would begin in our native language and the other would respond in that language, and back and forth. Needless to say I acquired a fair amount of Espanol along the way.

If you are a teacher with Spanish speaking children or adults, or if you teach Spanish, another foreign language, or English as a Second Language, here are free printable Spanish-English translation activities. True to my special education training, these materials aren't simple workbook pages. You can find those in any textbook series. These are free printable Spanish lessons with attitude! Print ESL worksheets, games, flashcards, matching games, puzzles, crossword, word games, projects--in short interactive activities! Here's a neat concept website in English as a Second Language printables--a user-supported site where teachers have to upload and share their ESL worksheets in order to download and print others.
Home Education Resources is a great place for free printable Spanish lessons and ESL worksheets. H.E.R. has thirty four pages of free printable Spanish lessons and English as a Second Language activities including basic vocabulary, verb conjugations, conversation and dialog, translation, questions and speaking games. Vivid illustrations and easy to read words and phrases will help English to Spanish students make the transition smoothly.
Spanish Sponge has dozens of free printable Spanish to English flashcards and flashcards for English to Spanish lessons. Print foreign language flashcards for vocabulary, verbs, conversation and other language and translation activities. Use the flashcards to play games involving the entire class. This helps to reinforce pronunciation, diction, dialog and fluency in a learning a foreign language. ABC Teach is a pay site for educators, but has many free printable ESL worksheets and foreign language lessons to sample. They print in full page pdf printables and have many Spanish lessons geared toward younger students and those who are new the Spanish or English language. This links you directly to the languages pages so that you can choose whether to use the English as a Second Language materials or the Spanish activities for speakers of English. Next hit this site for free printable Spanish worksheets and visit EL Civics for ESL worksheets, workbooks and learning games to print free.

Bienvenidos y Adios!

Free Printable Leveled Readers, Phonics Workbooks

Your new reader has just mastered her phonics lessons; she's reading with some fluency. But summer vacation is here. She won't have access to classroom readers. Do you buy a set of classroom readers to keep up her momentum? You can but you don't need to; there are free printable reading books, phonics books, spelling, vocabulary and grade leveled readers right here on the Internet. Or maybe you need some summer enrichment writing activities for your reluctant reader. He's not too crazy about reading to start with, and you are concerned about how the long summer will affect his phonics and reading skills. Certainly you need some reading and writing activities that your children will enjoy. You will also want free printable reading books, phonics books, spelling and writing activities that are easy to manage.

The sole reason many people hire a tutor for their children is that they feel inadequately prepared to teach them. It's important that if you elect to tutor your child at home, you feel confident and prepared. As a teacher, parent and former homeschooler myself, I can assure you that you can tutor your children at home. With the multitude of free printable reading books, spelling, writing activities and phonics lessons available, all you really need to do is assemble some materials for your child, spend a few moments each day on the writing activities, monitor his progress, and most importantly, relax and have fun.

This link offers over 30 free printable reading books and leveled readers to cut, color and assemble. Making booklets will be fun for you and your child to enjoy together. Print these booklets free of charge by simply submitting a valid email address. There are no fees. Naturally, Reading A-Z hopes that you may purchase more of their fine materials. That is your choice. Meanwhile you may enjoy the free booklets. These books are written according to grade level. There are stories that introduce science, social studies and other school content, while practicing phonics, syllables and spelling patterns. Enchanted Learning has more free printable reading books and leveled readersand booklets. DL-TK has many free printable reading books and leveled readers for preschool, emergent reader and early readers.

Free Printable Series of Unfortunate Events Activities

A Series of Unfortunate Events, is an endearingly popular children's literature series. It's penned by the mysterious and elusive author Lemony Snicket. Despite the gloomy author's grim predictions that no one will like these kids books, millions of children and adults continue follow the Baudelaire children, Klaus, Violet and Sunny. Why not read this wonderful children's literature series with your students or homeschool kids? Here are free printable Series of Unfortunate Events worksheets and activities to supplement.
Lemony Snicket has over twenty different free printable Series of Unfortunate Events games, activities, coloring pages, word games, trivia, ciphers, crossword puzzles, fill-in-the-blanks, anagrams and activities based on works of children's literature. You'll love the activities using Sunny Baudelaire's baby talk to translate messages. Harper Collins, publisher of Lemony Snicket Series of Unfortunate Events free printable 20 page literature guide and activity book based on the Series of Unfortunate Events kids books. The illustrations come from the book and can be used as coloring pages. They lesson plans are called Lamentable Lesson Plans.

This site has free printable Lemony Snicket activities and games based on ASoUE kids books. Notably, there is a link for a free download of the complete Series of Unfortunate Events game for PC. There are also complete free printable Series of Unfortunate Events reading guides for the 13 kids books (of course he had to stop at unlucky number 13!) Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler) is one intelligent dude. This link to Quiddich show that despite being children's literature, there are many adult allusions to history, literature and world events in the Series of Unfortunate Events kids books. These volumes of children's literature make excellent classroom literature for read-aloud and reader's workshop and teen novel study. The vocabulary is challenging, plots are complicated, characters are engaging and the concept riveting. Explore them in your school, library summer reading club, homeschool or book discussion group. The movies have been quite popular too.