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Free Printable ESL Lessons, Spanish Language Lesson Plans

Spanish is quickly becoming America's second language after English. Many businesses and stores are taking the initiative to print information in Spanish as well as English and even in other foreign language texts. Many jobs now require that employees be bilingual in Spanish and English. And of course, there's a large Hispanic and Latino population who speaks English as a second language. I'm a former ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher. One of the best conversational language activities was to role-play dialog games. I or the students would begin in our native language and the other would respond in that language, and back and forth. Needless to say I acquired a fair amount of Espanol along the way.

If you are a teacher with Spanish speaking children or adults, or if you teach Spanish, another foreign language, or English as a Second Language, here are free printable Spanish-English translation activities. True to my special education training, these materials aren't simple workbook pages. You can find those in any textbook series. These are free printable Spanish lessons with attitude! Print ESL worksheets, games, flashcards, matching games, puzzles, crossword, word games, projects--in short interactive activities! Here's a neat concept website in English as a Second Language printables--a user-supported site where teachers have to upload and share their ESL worksheets in order to download and print others.
Home Education Resources is a great place for free printable Spanish lessons and ESL worksheets. H.E.R. has thirty four pages of free printable Spanish lessons and English as a Second Language activities including basic vocabulary, verb conjugations, conversation and dialog, translation, questions and speaking games. Vivid illustrations and easy to read words and phrases will help English to Spanish students make the transition smoothly.
Spanish Sponge has dozens of free printable Spanish to English flashcards and flashcards for English to Spanish lessons. Print foreign language flashcards for vocabulary, verbs, conversation and other language and translation activities. Use the flashcards to play games involving the entire class. This helps to reinforce pronunciation, diction, dialog and fluency in a learning a foreign language. ABC Teach is a pay site for educators, but has many free printable ESL worksheets and foreign language lessons to sample. They print in full page pdf printables and have many Spanish lessons geared toward younger students and those who are new the Spanish or English language. This links you directly to the languages pages so that you can choose whether to use the English as a Second Language materials or the Spanish activities for speakers of English. Next hit this site for free printable Spanish worksheets and visit EL Civics for ESL worksheets, workbooks and learning games to print free.

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