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Free Printable Captain Underpants Activities, Dav Pilkey Coloring pages

March is National Reading Month--time to celebrate kids' books and their authors. Today's featured book guy is Dav Pilkey, a very silly man with a middle school juvenile sense of humor. Who is Dav Pilkey you ask? Well, adults might not know the name, but kids will recognize him as the author/illustrator of graphic novels and kids books, notably Captain Underpants.  Pilkey has many well-loved kids books and graphic novels to his credit. But his most enduring is the supremely ridiculous "Captain Underpants" stories. Oh and grownups, graphic novels are stories told in cartoons or comics, not dirty books! Jeff Kinney author of "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series is another graphic novels writer.
So Captain Underpants is a farsical superhero, but then anti-heroes are kind of en vogue right now with Deadpool. And Kylo Ren--kids love that Star Wars bad guy almost as much as his evil dad Darth Vader. People must be tired of the schmaltzy superhero good guy. Captain Underpants is a good--but very weird--guy. Along with his sidekick, Super Diaper Baby he battles The Wicked Wedgie Woman, The Lunch Ladies from Outer Space, Bionic Booger Boy (!) and Professor Poopypants. Children (especially boys) adore the title alone. As you might suspect the Captain Underpants stories are filled with (gross, just heard it!) puerile humor so loved by lower elementary school students. So how about some free printable Captain Underpants fun, to get your "fill" of silly, slightly sickening second grade comedy?
Dav Pilkey has several another popular series stories: Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot, The Dumb Bunnies, Big Dog and Little Dog, Dragon and two which are almost as popular as Captain Underpants--Kat Kong and Dogzilla. Pilkey uses pictures of his pets in these books. They too are very immature and goofy. The author has written and illustrated quite a few non-series serious books that are well-loved also. His book The Paperboy was chosen as a runner up for the prestigious Caldecott picture book award.
His website is full of fun stuff to do. Web pages are laid out like graphic novels and feature his messy handwriting font. There are fun Dav Pilkey kids book games. There are severalfree printable flip-o-rama kids book games that show how a movie is made from scenes or sketches. Best of all, Dav has put about twenty free printable Captain Underpants coloring pages and coloring pages and other kids book games. on his website. This site has a free printable Captain Underpantsbookmark.

Dav Pilkey gets some cr*p for his potty humor (pun intended) but maybe children's literature needs more silly stories, to un-stuffy it. It's good to see authors not only writing and but creating kids book games and activities based on their works. Enjoy these free printable kids book games activities and read his books. For more free printable kids book games, crafts, activities, coloring and lesson plans visit the Grand Rapids Parenting Examiner blogs Free Printable Lesson Plans and Free Coloring Pages 4U and Kidz Literature.

Free Printable Diary of a Wimpy Kid Lesson Plans

Jeff Kinney was named one of Time Magazine's top 100 most influential people a few years ago. And I'm going to guess that unless you're in middle school, you've never heard of him. What has Kinney done to merit such a nomination?
Besides sharing a last (maiden) name with me, Kinney is the author of the wildly popular Diary of a Wimpy Kid kids book series. The Wimpy Kid in question is Greg Heffley and the "diary" is his personal journal of life in middle school. What makes these books resonate so with kids? They're graphic novels (educationally correct name for cartoons).
Pictures poke fun at everyone in Heffley's young life, including himself. We empathize with Greg's intimidation by tuned-out teen brother Roderick and annoyance at lisping, ever-innocent younger brother Manny.
Series includes Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Last Straw, Roderick Rules, Dog Days, The Ugly Truth, Cabin Fever, Third Wheel, Hard Luck, Greg Heffley's Journal and a Do-it-Yourself Book. The Long Haul came out in November. Here are free printable Diary of a Wimpy Kids activities for Children's Book Week 2015, May 4-10.
Fun Brain has an online Diary of a Wimpy Kid book to read. Parent site Poptropica has free Diary of a Wimpy Kid printables. ESL Printables has free Diary of a Wimpy Kid worksheets. Here's a Diary of a Wimpy Kid quiz to print from Quiz Moz. Ed Helper has a make your own Diary of a Wimpy Kid word wall.

Teacher Vision has a free printable Diary of a Wimpy Kid unit with writing activities, reading extensions, text to text questions, text-to-life connections and text to self connections based upon the book series. These sites have free printable Diary of a Wimpy Kid coloring pages. Here's the other list of Diary of a Wimpy Kid pages to print.

Free Printable Shel Silverstein Printable Activities

Shel Silverstein is a beloved poet, children's author, musician and artist. He's given the world of children's literature dozens of books, poems and funny illustrations to enjoy. Shel passed away in 1999, but children's literature will never forget his charming, silly poems and books. A Light in the Attic, Where the Sidewalk Ends, Runny Babbit, The Giving Tree, Don't Bump the Glump, Lafdacio, the Lion Who Shot Back, A Giraffe and a Half, The Missing Piece, Falling Up are just a few of his delightful works of wit and whimsy. InSilverstein's poems, animals talk, grown-ups are silly and children rule the world from cardboard pirate ships. If you would like to play in his wonderful world, here are free printable Shel Silverstein activities, coloring pages and lesson plans.
There are free printable Shel Silverstein lesson plans, games and poetry writing prompts and activities for National Poetry Month in April. There are online Shel Silverstein games you can play.They each feature the funny characters from favorite Shel Silverstein poems. He's made free printable poetry writing prompts and activities booklets as well. These poetry writing prompts are perfect for classroom lesson plans, homeschool and library reading clubs But you don't need to be a teacher, librarian or even an adult to enjoy free printable lesson plans. His website is devoted to his favorite people: kids!

For young artists, cartoonists and poets, Silverstein designed a free printable poetry writing prompts and activities for children to illustrate. Kids will love creating their own poetry prompts and activities book about "Kate's Scissors" and all the funny things Kate cuts with her scissors. There's another poetry writing prompts activities booklet called "Eight Balloons" for children to make. There are Shel Silverstein themed crafts too. Here are free printable Giving Tree lesson plans. This Sweet Life is a blog with a free printable Shel Silverstein activities packet. Print crossword puzzles, word search, coloring pages and more. Teacher Vision has free printable Shel Silverstein activities, too.