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Free Printable Graphic Organizers, Content Maps

Graphic organizers, content maps, information flowcharts and diagrams, content webs and story maps all refer to visual aids created by teachers to help students organize information into understandable patterns. Here are free printable graphic organizers, visual aids and content maps. Graphic organizers were a product of special education classrooms but such visual aids are useful with general education students as well. Special education teachers know the importance of making lessons hands-on, multisensory, interactive, individualized and broken down into manageable, bite-sized pieces.
Eduplace has over 35 different free printable graphic organizers and visual aids. Graphic organizers can be used to teach a variety of content area material. There are free printable KWL charts and diagrams (Know-Want to Know-Learned), story maps, observation flowcharts (for science), word webs, cluster maps, ISP charts (Information, Sources, Pages), E-Charts, T-Charts, flowcharts, spider flowcharts, clocks, Venn Diagram, Tree charts, 5 Ws Chart, Inverted Triangle chart, KWS charts (What I Know, What I Want to Know, Possible Sources), Ice Cream Cone Chart, Sandwich chart, sequencing charts, ladder charts, story maps and webs, planning charts, wheel charts and many more free printable graphic organizers. These free printable graphic organizers are available in Spanish also.

Super Teacher Worksheets has over 20 free printable graphic organizers. Free printable Venn diagrams, column charts, story maps, charts and diagrams webs, content webs, paragraph organizers using hamburger and flower models, wheel charts and diagrams, and much more. ABC Teach has free printable graphic organizations, story maps, flowcharts, content diagrams, content webs and other visual aids, KWL charts and diagrams, information and content maps and worksheets. Enchanted Learning has free printable graphic organizers and visual aids galore. Get pie charts, Venn diagrams, story maps, content flowcharts and diagrams and more.

Free Printable Leveled Readers, Phonics Workbooks

Your new reader has just mastered her phonics lessons; she's reading with some fluency. But summer vacation is here. She won't have access to classroom readers. Do you buy a set of classroom readers to keep up her momentum? You can but you don't need to; there are free printable reading books, phonics books, spelling, vocabulary and grade leveled readers right here on the Internet. Or maybe you need some summer enrichment writing activities for your reluctant reader. He's not too crazy about reading to start with, and you are concerned about how the long summer will affect his phonics and reading skills. Certainly you need some reading and writing activities that your children will enjoy. You will also want free printable reading books, phonics books, spelling and writing activities that are easy to manage.

The sole reason many people hire a tutor for their children is that they feel inadequately prepared to teach them. It's important that if you elect to tutor your child at home, you feel confident and prepared. As a teacher, parent and former homeschooler myself, I can assure you that you can tutor your children at home. With the multitude of free printable reading books, spelling, writing activities and phonics lessons available, all you really need to do is assemble some materials for your child, spend a few moments each day on the writing activities, monitor his progress, and most importantly, relax and have fun.

This link offers over 30 free printable reading books and leveled readers to cut, color and assemble. Making booklets will be fun for you and your child to enjoy together. Print these booklets free of charge by simply submitting a valid email address. There are no fees. Naturally, Reading A-Z hopes that you may purchase more of their fine materials. That is your choice. Meanwhile you may enjoy the free booklets. These books are written according to grade level. There are stories that introduce science, social studies and other school content, while practicing phonics, syllables and spelling patterns. Enchanted Learning has more free printable reading books and leveled readersand booklets. DL-TK has many free printable reading books and leveled readers for preschool, emergent reader and early readers.