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Free math facts homework kit with Montessori-based, student-made activities and printables

<---Teacher Omi (grandma) has been having fun re-creating lesson plans for the grandkiddos, from materials made over my nearly 40-yr career in education. Today I'm sharing how to make a math homework practice kit I created 35 years ago and used with my Montessori students, tutoring students and in homeschool. I even trotted this out when I taught adult education. I've given you some of the activities here and for the full set of lesson plans, visit me at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. 

For the math homework kit, begin with a sturdy shoebox and fill it with:

Dice  Repurpose die from game sets with missing pieces. Or pick up a cheap set from Dollar Tree.

Set of dominoes (base 12 preferred) Students can also make domino flash cards on index cards. Write domino dot configuration in number color from chart. To play, student selects a domino and adds, subtracts or multiplies the two numbers.  Students should write answers on back for self-checking. Here are free printable dominoes from First-School.

Deck of playing cards  Student chooses two cards and adds, subtracts, or multiplies them. Face cards are valued as such: ace-1, jack-10, queen, 12 and king-0.  You can print playing cards from Printable Board Games  or have students design their own! 

Math flashcards for each fact family Purchase at Dollar Tree or discount store or better yet, use free printable math flashcards from First School

Tablet of small stickers, shape punches or mini-stamper marker—Students create flashcards by writing math facts (problems) in color code on one side. On the back, they illustrate with  punched-out shapes, stickers or stamps (5 stars plus 5 stars, for example). They write the answer on the back.

Pencil, eraser and scrap paper squares—students write out fact families (say the nine times tables). Then they draw story problems to illustrate and quiz each other. For example, the student draws three groups of seven apples for 3x7. Þ Toddlers draw marks and practice counting.

100 chart and bingo marker or dry erase marker Laminate and attach to the inside lids of the math kit. Student uses bingo marker to practice skip counting by different numbers. From there, she memorizes multiplication tables (which are just the series of number in skip counting). The 100 chart helps the student find number patterns, too. Þ Toddlers bingo “stamp” each number as they count.

Yarn strung with 100 plastic beads. This homemade abacus is a great visual for math operations. Give student a problem, like 7x8.  She counts out and adds seven groups of eight. Þ Give toddlers large beads to string, for fine motor skill practice. 

Food snacks with little pieces. Students use fish crackers, fruit snacks, breakfast cereal, raisins, candies, pretzels, marshmallows, to demonstrate math facts and equations. Let children make their own trail mix and write the recipe as math problems. (6 raisins + 10 pretzels + 5 Cheerios +3 Cheez-Its).  When done, they get to eat the treats!

Free printable Pi Day activities, Sir Cumference geometry, math lesson plans

Children's literature author Cindy Neuschwander, with illustrator Wayne Geehan has written a math adventure series that is perfect for Pi Day on March 14. In the books, Sir Cumference, Lady Di of Ameter and their son Radius solve math problems, geometry puzzles and medieval mysteries. The name puns are only the beginning of the fun. Children learn about geometry, measurement, counting, algebra, formulas and math lesson plans in charming medieval fairy tales. The Sir Cumference books include:
--Sir Cumference and the First Round Table (A Math Adventure) (1997) Lady Di of Ameter and her son Radius help Sir Cumference figure out the most user-friendly shape for the table to seat his knights for their meetings. Great exploratory book for understanding shapes, angles and geometry.
--Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi (A Math Adventure) (1999) It's Radius and Lady Di of Ameter off to the rescue again to save Sir Cumference who has been eaten by the Dragon of Pi. By visiting the cooks in the kitchen Radius learns how the Greek term Pi works in geometry and uses it to solve this math riddle. Use this one for Pi Day!
--Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of Angleland (A Math Adventure) (2001) Radius goes off on a quest with Sir D'Grees to battle a Pair of Lells (dragons). In clever geometrical exploits, they teach math lesson plans on angles and measurement.
--Sir Cumference and the Sword in the Cone (A Math Adventure) (2003) Again brave Radius, assisted by his friend Vertex learn about geometric solids and how to pull out the famous sword Edgecaliber from the cone. There are solid math lesson plans in this fun adventure.
--Sir Cumference and the Isle of Immeter (A Math Adventure) (2006) Radius must help his cousin Per face down dragons and learn about geometry in a game called Inners and Edges, so that Per can rescue her kingdom and become Per of Immeter. Lady Di of Ameter and Sir Cumference lend a hand.
--Sir Cumference and All the Kings Tens (A Math Adventure) (2009) Sir Cumference and his Lady Di of Ameter discover that when planning a birthday party for the King that using a base 10 counting system (or metric system) is the only way to count this growing crowd of guests.

Here are some free printable math lesson plans based on Cindy Neuschwander books. Teacher Vision has free printable Sir Cumference math lesson plans for Pi Day. Check Education World for a complete unit of free printable Pi Day activities, geometry worksheets and math lesson plans from Sir Cumference geometry books. Then, head over to lesson plans for a bunch of free printable Sir Cumference geometry worksheets. Lesson Planet has many free printable geometry worksheetsthat are specific to Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi for Pi Day.

Free printable geometry worksheets, free printable math games, math worksheets for Pi Day

Happy Pi Day! Pi is a Greek symbol that represents a math quantity of about 3.14 used to solve equations and find circle measurements. Pi Day celebrates geometry. Now geometry is a fascinating subject but gets a bad rap because it seems boring and complicated. So teach it in hands-on ways. Here are free printable math and geometry worksheets and lesson plans. Print interactive math games, flash cards, matching activities, diagrams and and activities.
Helping with Math offers free printable geometry units, worksheets and lesson plans. Print matching activities and games.
ABC Teach provides a complete free printable geometry bingo game that teaches geometry vocabulary by having students connect pictures on a bingo or GEOMY card with terms called. Print the 13 page game including vocabulary list, six different unlabeled cards with geometry figures and another set of six cards with angle measurements labeled on them. Print the entire game, laminate and cut out.
Kidz Zone has free printable math worksheets and units to teach money math, adding, subtracting, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percents, plus geometry.
Pro Teacher has math printables, worksheets, units, games and geometry activities. There are loads of free printable activities to follow the well laid-out syllabus.
Classroom Confections is cram-packed with free printable geometry lesson plans. Dr. Mike's Math page has loads more math and geometry game printables.
Pre-K to 8 offers free printable geometry activities on angles, congruency, shapes, triangles and lots of other cool activities. I love the looks of these activities; they are totally interactive and hands-on. Check out this site and book mark.

Teaching-Tools offers a free geometry vocabulary worksheet generator. Select terms that you are teaching and develop a practice page, test study guide, quiz or test. You can make free printable activities for terms, vocabulary, definitions, picture matching, angles, shapes and much more. Check out the menu on the left hand side for other worksheet generator topics like fractions, algebra and more math concepts.

Free Printable Clocks, Telling Time Lesson Plans

Telling time using an analog clock is one of the most difficult concepts to teach. It's hard to explain to children how clock hands moving around a dial mark hours and minutes. It helps to use interactive telling time worksheets and hands-on clocks to make time math lessons easier. Here are free printable clocks, clock faces and telling time worksheets.
Have Fun Learning has several free printable telling time worksheets, time math lessons with clocks with fill-in-the-blank numbers. Some are numbered in hours and minutes already. There are real-life applications story problems to teach telling time plus printable telling time games. Lucy Learns is a great website with all sorts of free printable lessons and activities. The section on clocks and telling time has over 15 free printable clock faces with all sorts of styles. Free printable clocks, clock hands and clock faces make excellent hands-on time math lessons for teaching children to read a clock. Print one clock for each student.
has cute blank and partially numbered free printable decorated clock faces. Great for young children and preschool. K-3 Teacher Resources has several free printable clock faces in different styles, plus free printable telling time math lesson. Senteacher has several free printable clocks, clock face printables, cut and paste clocks and clock lesson plans. Print Free offers basic free printable clock faces with hands to cut out and attach (use a paper fastener).

Donna Young's website is find of the day! Chock full o' clocks, there are free printable cut and paste clocks, clock face activities and telling time worksheets and lesson plans. Enchanted Learning is always a great teacher resource website, Enchanted Learning probably has more free printable educational lesson plans, crafts, cut and paste, coloring pages, activity booklets and teacher resources than any other website. You can print free, or pay a $20 donation and get complete member services and banner free printables. The telling time page has free printable clock faces,cut and paste clock activities and telling time worksheets. A-Z Teacher Stuff has dozens of free printable telling time math lessons and activities, including free printable clock faces.

Free Printable Measurement Tools for Geometry--Ruler, Protractor, Square

Standard and metric rulers, compass, protractors, square, tape measures, angle measures are available online. You can get free printable math measuring tools and make your own, or free online software to use on the computer. Free printable math measuring tools like rulers, tape measures and protractors make excellent classroom, homeschool and homework resources. Print free printable measurement math tools on cardstock and/or laminate it to make sturdy reusable measuring tools. Print on transparencies for use on the classroom overhead projector.
Math A Tube has free printable rulers. There are 12 inch American standard rulers and 30 centimeter metric rules. There are free printable math measuring worksheets, standard metric converters and math tutorials. Teacher Vision is a pay site that offers new users three trial free printables. Click this link for free printable measurement math worksheets and measuring tools. Three math measuring tools come on one worksheet--inch ruler, metric centimeter rulers, tape measures and protractors. It only counts as one of your freebies, should you choose to get more. Save paper and printing costs printing one sheet of math measuring tools for each student.
Vendian has twenty different free printable rulers and measuring tools in varying sizes, measurement markings and gradations. Select from metric and standard English measurement tools. There are tape measures, rulers and yardsticks with clear instructions on how to print accurately. You can't print a math compass, but you can print math worksheets for using a compass.
Ossmann has free printable math protractors in several different degree and angle markings. There are decimal and fraction protractors, too. There are free printable protractors and tape measures for standard measurement math. This site offers free printable math measuring tools, math worksheets and measuring lesson plans and activities. Use measurement math tools in science, social studies, geography, art and design applications