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Free printable geometry worksheets, free printable math games, math worksheets for Pi Day

Happy Pi Day! Pi is a Greek symbol that represents a math quantity of about 3.14 used to solve equations and find circle measurements. Pi Day celebrates geometry. Now geometry is a fascinating subject but gets a bad rap because it seems boring and complicated. So teach it in hands-on ways. Here are free printable math and geometry worksheets and lesson plans. Print interactive math games, flash cards, matching activities, diagrams and and activities.
Helping with Math offers free printable geometry units, worksheets and lesson plans. Print matching activities and games.
ABC Teach provides a complete free printable geometry bingo game that teaches geometry vocabulary by having students connect pictures on a bingo or GEOMY card with terms called. Print the 13 page game including vocabulary list, six different unlabeled cards with geometry figures and another set of six cards with angle measurements labeled on them. Print the entire game, laminate and cut out.
Kidz Zone has free printable math worksheets and units to teach money math, adding, subtracting, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percents, plus geometry.
Pro Teacher has math printables, worksheets, units, games and geometry activities. There are loads of free printable activities to follow the well laid-out syllabus.
Classroom Confections is cram-packed with free printable geometry lesson plans. Dr. Mike's Math page has loads more math and geometry game printables.
Pre-K to 8 offers free printable geometry activities on angles, congruency, shapes, triangles and lots of other cool activities. I love the looks of these activities; they are totally interactive and hands-on. Check out this site and book mark.

Teaching-Tools offers a free geometry vocabulary worksheet generator. Select terms that you are teaching and develop a practice page, test study guide, quiz or test. You can make free printable activities for terms, vocabulary, definitions, picture matching, angles, shapes and much more. Check out the menu on the left hand side for other worksheet generator topics like fractions, algebra and more math concepts.