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Free Printable Measurement Tools for Geometry--Ruler, Protractor, Square

Standard and metric rulers, compass, protractors, square, tape measures, angle measures are available online. You can get free printable math measuring tools and make your own, or free online software to use on the computer. Free printable math measuring tools like rulers, tape measures and protractors make excellent classroom, homeschool and homework resources. Print free printable measurement math tools on cardstock and/or laminate it to make sturdy reusable measuring tools. Print on transparencies for use on the classroom overhead projector.
Math A Tube has free printable rulers. There are 12 inch American standard rulers and 30 centimeter metric rules. There are free printable math measuring worksheets, standard metric converters and math tutorials. Teacher Vision is a pay site that offers new users three trial free printables. Click this link for free printable measurement math worksheets and measuring tools. Three math measuring tools come on one worksheet--inch ruler, metric centimeter rulers, tape measures and protractors. It only counts as one of your freebies, should you choose to get more. Save paper and printing costs printing one sheet of math measuring tools for each student.
Vendian has twenty different free printable rulers and measuring tools in varying sizes, measurement markings and gradations. Select from metric and standard English measurement tools. There are tape measures, rulers and yardsticks with clear instructions on how to print accurately. You can't print a math compass, but you can print math worksheets for using a compass.
Ossmann has free printable math protractors in several different degree and angle markings. There are decimal and fraction protractors, too. There are free printable protractors and tape measures for standard measurement math. This site offers free printable math measuring tools, math worksheets and measuring lesson plans and activities. Use measurement math tools in science, social studies, geography, art and design applications

Free Printable Math Games, fractions and decimals activities

Math is sometimes difficult to teach in hands-on lesson plans. So here are free printable math gamesto use as math worksheets and lesson plans that are enjoyable (rather than painful). These math worksheets help students with concepts that ar ehard to visualize. Much math content is abstract which means kids have to "think outside the box." with no frame of reference. These free printable math games provided that concept framing. Free lessons are perfect for homeschool families living on a budget.

Dr. Mike promises hands-on lesson plans and cool math games on his website and does he ever deliver. He's created free printable math games and free printable math worksheets on an array of subjects. There are free printable games, online games, calculator games, math worksheets and board games, magic squares, times tables and more. These challenging math games cover operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), fractions, patterns, cryptograms, number mazes, geometry, place value, magic hexagon, deductive reasoning. inductive reasoning, spatial relations, countdowns (using an Advent calendar) and others. Homeschool families, you will like the free printable 3D geometric solid models for kids to cut, fold and paste. How's that for hands-on lesson plans!