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Free Printable Writing Prompts, Poem Templates, Poetry Frames

April is National Poetry Month and NaPoWriMo (an online poetry slam project). Poetry is one of the most satisfying creative writing forms. But writing poems can be daunting for beginners. That's why teaching poetry writing, is such a joy. I love helping students get past fears and unlock that inner poet. Poetry templates can help break the creative ice. Here are free printable poem patterns, poetry frames and writing prompts. Poem patterns are adjustable by age to provide more or less structure. For young emergent writers, a frame poem may resemble a fill-in-the-blank activity. For seasoned readers-writers, the template is just an idea springboard from which to launch poems. Reluctant or special needs students gain writing confidence.
ETTC has 30+ free printable poetry frames and poem templates on all different subjects and themes. Many relate to nature (a common theme in poetry), all about me and emotion and feeling poems. Many of these free printable poem template cover grammar, word usage and other English language arts concepts.
TSL Books has loads of free printable writing prompts, including frame poem templates, poetry prompts and story starters. There are poem templates available for preschool to upper elementary school. Check Students Handouts for more challenging printable poetry writing prompts. Use for personal narrative writing prompts, too.
St. Jean's an assortment of free printable poem templates, poetry frames and graphic organizers: couplets, triplets, quatrain, tanka, sonnet, limerick, cinquain, haiku, persona and many other poetry templates to print.
TNEllen has eight free printable poem templates with different variations on the basic "I am' and "All about me" poem theme. Examples are provided. Creative writing teachers can simply block out the example words and print the poetry frame. Students may refer to the example or fill in their own words like a Mad-Lib fill-in-the-blank activity.
Cape.k12 has about 20 free printable poetry frames grouped by grade level. Each link focuses on different types of poetry writing frames and templates. Free printable haiku, cinquain, acrostic, 5 Ws, alliteration and diamante poetry template plus several other poem activities are available.
For more free printable lesson plans visit my linked blogs.

Free Printable Spelling Lessons, Phonics Rules Chart Using Color Coding

Next to math, reading is the most vital learning activity schools teach. But reading is more than just knowing words. Reading involves four components known as RWSL--reading, writing, speaking and listening. The four skills work together. So reading lesson plans must include phonics and whole language approaches. Writing lesson plans should cover grammar, spelling lessons, sequencing and organization. Here are free printable reading lessons with phonics, spelling lessons, grammar and writing worksheets. These reading lessons are hands-on and include interactive games, puzzles and cut and paste crafts.
Starfall is a school-approved educational game and activity site for students, parents, homeschoolers and teachers. Starfall has a huge assortment of free printable reading lessons and learning activities. The free printable activities are black and white copies of materials available from Starfall online store. The great thing about printing these activities in black and white is that they become coloring pages for students to enjoy.

Here are some of the free printable reading lessons, phonics activities, spelling lessons and grammar lessons and writing worksheets you can access. There are 26 free printable alphabet worksheets for kindergarten. Students can practice reading and writing their ABCs. There are also 26 alphabet puzzles and word sorting games. Kids love using games and puzzles as reading lessons, phonics activities, spelling lessons, grammar lessons and writing worksheets.

Free Printable Preschool Alphabet Lesson Plans

Activity Village might be the best site for free printable holiday educational activities for kids, It's got all the world holidays with printable paper crafts, worksheets, puzzles, jigsaws, social studies lessons, around the world coloring pages and learning games.
There are Printables for Kids galore at this link, dedicated to free printable educational activities for kids.
DL-TK is the best site for free printable educational craft activities for kids. There are free printable coloring pages, cut and paste paper crafts, dioramas, mini books, paper dolls, on every theme of childhood.

Kidz Page is the free printable educational learning games for kids site. Print crossword and jigsaw puzzles, worksheets, mazes and clipart. Kids love the bright colorful comic book style layout.

ABC Teach boasts 5,000+ free printable worksheets making it tied for second in educational activities for kids. Get activities for math, reading, language, social studies, culture, geography, science, holidays. Includes flash cards, learning games, puzzles, Sudoku, booklets, word searches, crossword puzzles and more.

Enchanted Learning is the best in free printable paper crafts and educational activities for kids with booklets, science lessons, biomes, maps, languages, famous people, works of art, etc.

First School is a leader in free printable crafts and educational activities for kids 7-10 on Bible, religion and holidays.
First Palette leads the way in free printable crafts patterns, templates, clipart and educational coloring pages.
Creative Kids at Home has free printable science projects, learning games, crafts and fun! You can also access the site to get archived newsletters with loads of easy stuff for all ages to do at home, school, day care, etc!

Making Friends has lots of free printable educational crafts and activities for kids but the specialty is free printable paper dolls from around the world.

Free Kids Crafts specializes in free printable educational crafts templates and activities for kids.
The Toymaker is queen of free printable vintage toys and educational crafts for kids.
Disney Family specializes in everything free printable Disney crafts for kids. Look for activiteis from all your favorite Disney characters including Frozen, Zootopia, Star Wars, Toy Story, Cars and more

Free Printable Reading Lesson Plans, Writing, Literature, ELA Activities

Here are free printable reading worksheets, online reading activities, phonics lessons, English Language Arts or ELA activities and online reading games
RHL School offers free printable reading activities
Educator Adrian Bruce has a website loaded with free printable reading activities, phonics lessons, ELA activities and online reading games to 
The Teacher's Corner provides free printable reading worksheets on spelling, decoding, phonics lessons, comprehension, vocabulary, ELA activities
School Express offers 11,000+ free printable worksheets
Busy Teacher's Cafe provides innovative free printable reading worksheets 

Ed Helper is literally jammed with thousands of free printable reading worksheets, phonics lessons, spelling and ELA activities and online reading activities.