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Free Printable Spelling Lessons, Phonics Rules Chart Using Color Coding

Next to math, reading is the most vital learning activity schools teach. But reading is more than just knowing words. Reading involves four components known as RWSL--reading, writing, speaking and listening. The four skills work together. So reading lesson plans must include phonics and whole language approaches. Writing lesson plans should cover grammar, spelling lessons, sequencing and organization. Here are free printable reading lessons with phonics, spelling lessons, grammar and writing worksheets. These reading lessons are hands-on and include interactive games, puzzles and cut and paste crafts.
Starfall is a school-approved educational game and activity site for students, parents, homeschoolers and teachers. Starfall has a huge assortment of free printable reading lessons and learning activities. The free printable activities are black and white copies of materials available from Starfall online store. The great thing about printing these activities in black and white is that they become coloring pages for students to enjoy.

Here are some of the free printable reading lessons, phonics activities, spelling lessons and grammar lessons and writing worksheets you can access. There are 26 free printable alphabet worksheets for kindergarten. Students can practice reading and writing their ABCs. There are also 26 alphabet puzzles and word sorting games. Kids love using games and puzzles as reading lessons, phonics activities, spelling lessons, grammar lessons and writing worksheets.