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Free Printable Reading Response Journal Activities and Rubric for ELA (English Language Arts)

Kids get tired of doing the same ho-hum book reports and worksheets. The best way to teach any subject is with hands-on activities. Teach reading and literature study with interactive, personalized reading response journals. Get students interact with books, to take stories apart and live them, to explore characters, themes, symbols. Here are 50 printable activities to do that. They're multi-sensory, and employ HOTS (higher order thinking skills). I've included a template for a student activity calendar to organize response activities. Note. One of the activities is to create Facebook social profiles for characters. Optional Activities for an ELA (English Language Arts) Response Journal Rubric

Free Printable Reading Lesson Plans, Writing, Literature, ELA Activities

Here are free printable reading worksheets, online reading activities, phonics lessons, English Language Arts or ELA activities and online reading games
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Ed Helper is literally jammed with thousands of free printable reading worksheets, phonics lessons, spelling and ELA activities and online reading activities.