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Free printable apple themed preschool lesson plans for fall harvest activities

Fall means autumn harvest with lots of pumpkins and apples Apples are a common theme for preschool and elementary school students. Teachers and homeschoolers, are you teaching a fall apple unit? Here's a sweet treat for you: 166 pages of free printable apple themed worksheets and lesson plans.
Northville Cider Mill in Northville, Michigan offers a free printable apple-themed activities booklet, There are printable coloring pages, worksheets, puzzles, games, word searches and crossword puzzles on apples. There are apple-themed cross-curricular science experiments, social studies connections, economics lessons, Michigan history activities, apple math problems and more.
Each lesson has a printable student copy and teacher answer key. Use this book for all ages from preschool to grade 8. It can easily be used with special education students, too.
Now scoot over to A to Z Teacher Stuff for more links to dozens of free printable apple lesson plans, crafts, mini booklets, games and worksheets. Most are geared to ages pre-K to grades 4.

Kinderplans has cute free printable apple themed reading and phonics lessons for preschool and kindergarten. There are other printables based on apples, too. Print apple math lessons on counting, addition and subtraction. Print reading activities and games for emergent and reluctant readers. Special education will love the bright, cheery apple activities geared no-fail fun.

Free Printable Native American Indian Totem Pole Designs and Patterns

When I was six my family moved to Haines, Alaska. We lived with a clan of the Tlinget Native American Indians. Autumn and back to school are great times to explore Native American Indian culture. Here are free printable totem pole design templates.

When I was six, my father, mother and I moved to Haines, Alaska. We lived with a clan of the Tlinget Native American Indians. I was adopted into the tribe and my Tlinget name is Dok-du-Yik. I totally enjoyed the cultural immersion experience. I fondly remember the various Pacific Northwest native designs, especially the Totem poles. 

Totem poles are an important part of Pacific Northwest American Indian tribes like the Tlinget. and Chilkat that I lived with and also the Kwakiutl, Haida and Tsimshian. Autumn always reminds me of them. As a teacher and homeschool parent, I explored Native American culture in fall units. Here are free printable totem pole design templates. Paper Totem Poles  is a bright, colorful website devoted to the making of totem pole designs. This site is full of historical information about Native American Indians, cultural details and information on religious observations of which the totem pole plays an important part. This website is loaded with free printable Native American Indian totem poles designs, templates, how-to-draw, images and explanation. Teachers, parents and homeschoolers will find not only many great free printable totem pole crafts, but information about the totem pole. This resource will be very helpful to the teacher planning a unit on native American Indian culture.

To make a paper totem pole craft with students, print paper totem pole templates and have kids color them. Then they can glue the colored pictures on recycled cardboard paper towel tubes. 

The arrangement and order of the animals on the totem pole is important in Native American Indian culture. The animals form a hierarchy. The animals also represent the guiding spirits of each native clan or tribe. teaches students how to arrange animal images on the totem pole. While animals are important totem pole elements, Paper Totem Pole has other categories of native designs: celestial, birds, spirit, people, water, elements and insects. Please enjoy your exploration of Native American Indians; I have more happy memories of my time in the Tlinget tribes than I could ever relate in words. 

Free Printable Thanksgiving, Native American Crafts, Activities, Lessons

Schools usually teach Native American history in November. But Native American Indians celebrate special holidays every month. In February, it's the Kwakiutl Midwinter Ceremony (which reaffirms connection with the earth). Here are other Native American holidays and holy days. Teachers and homeschool parents, if you're doing a unit on Native American Indians, here's a unit of lesson planson eastern woodland native American Indians. These tribes and clans hale from the eastern seaboard region of the United States. This article refers to Native Americans as American Indians as well because that is how many tribal groups refer to themselves.
This Native American Indians unit is multi-sensory, cross-curricular and can be used with many ages and grades. Lesson plans in this interdisciplinary unit cover history, geography, culture, core democratic values, math, art, literature, science, music, reading, writing and media skills. Free printable Native American Indians activities, games, Indian crafts, recipes, web resources, books, music and materials are included.
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