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Free Printable Orthodox Catholic Coloring Activities

Orthodox Christians celebrated Christmas on Jan. 8, two days after the feast of Epiphany. Copts, Eastern, Greek, Ukrainian, Russian and other orthodox Christians follow a different calendar--the older Julian one--not the western Gregorian calendar. They celebrate the same holy days, just on different dates. Here are free printable Orthodox Christian coloring pages to help children in that religion learn their faith. Use these, too, if you're of a different Christian denomination, to learn more about this ancient branch of faith. in home school, religious education,
Orthodox Education, a homeschool blog, has links for a free printable Greek Orthodox Icon coloring book. Click the link to be taken to the Scribd website with the coloring pages. You'll find beautiful old images from a Greek Bible/missal, made into coloring pages. There are Bible scenes from the Christmas Octave, the Baptism of Jesus, Epiphany (coming of the Magi, also called Three Kings Day) and more. There are images of the mysteries of the rosary: joyful, sorrowful and glorious.
Now visit this site, written in Greek, for more Orthodox Christian printouts for kids. There are Gothic and medieval pictures from stained glass windows and paintings and religious icons. There are Greek crosses, crucifixes, saints, rosary and Bible pictures. There are images of the Holy Family, the Infant Jesus, the wisemen, angels and more.
No matter what sect of Christianity you follow, if you are a Christian, you'll want to print these lovely images. Use for home school, religious education, Sunday school, parochial school or just for home use. They're perfect for feast days and holy days.

Free Printable Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico Lessons, Activities

Dec. 12 marks the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the Catholic Church. It dates to 1531 when Catholics believe the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to Juan Diego, an Aztec peasant at Tepeyac Hill in Mexico City. Latinos venerate Bl. Juan Diego on Dec. 9 and Our Lady of Guadalupe. Their feast days are part of Catholic Advent celebrations. Here are free printable Our Lady of Guadalupe lesson plans. Lesson plans on Mexico are included.
Loyola Press tells of Juan Diego, who reported seeing a "lady clothed with the sun" who commanded him to build a church. To prove that she was the Blessed Virgin Mary she caused her image to be emblazoned on Diego's tilma (cactus fiber cloak). Loyola Press provides a printable image made from the icon that parents can have children color as they tell the story.
Mary our Mother describes many miracles associated with Our Lady of Guadalupe's image. It provides a Biblical analysis, dates, timeline, history and biographies. There is a cultural analysis on relations between Spanish explorers and missionaries and the native Aztec in Mexico in the 16th century. Many terms are Aztec or Spanish and this site provides translation. Parents can use these to explain the significance of Our Lady of Guadalupe for Catholics and Hispanics.
Mother of All Peoples tells how the Guadalupe apparition of Mary fits with other appearances of Our Lady. Tradition in Action offers slide shows about scientific aspects of Our Lady's image. Parents can use this to help children understand the image from a technological viewpoint.
Catholic Heritage Curricula has many free home-school activities. It offers a how-to-draw coloring page of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Catholic Mom has free printable Our Lady of Guadalupe lessons, games, puzzles, coloring sheets and activities. There are several printable crafts.

Sancta has printable prayers and holy cards. Sancta gives parents permission to print these images and use them for family devotions.
Children's author and illustrator Tomie de Paola wrote "The Lady of Guadalupe." Parents can use this version to tell the story to younger children. The book contains many helpful and references and some activities too.

Free Printable St Nicholas Day Activities, Christmas Crafts

Dec, 6 marks the Catholic feast day of St. Nicholas, said the Manila Bulletin Dec. 5. He was a fourth century bishop and patron saint of Orthodox Christians, Russia, Holland and children around the world. Dec. 6 is Saint Nicholas Day in many countries. He is the Christmas gift-giving figure and basis for the Santa Claus legend, St.Nick's acts of charity weren't myth, however. If you want to celebrate a more Christ-centered Advent and Christmas, here are free printable St. Nicholas activities.
First-School has an adorable St. Nicholas Advent calendar to print free. There are free printable advent wreath crafts, Bible Christmas lesson plans, nativity of Jesus coloring pages and more.
St. Nicholas Center is dedicated to the promulgation of the faith through devotion to St. Nicholas. Visit the activities page with free printable St. Nicholas games, crafts, lesson plans, hidden pictures, puzzles, word search and 3D cut and paste play set. You can print a free St, Nicholas coloring bookfeaturing holy cards, Byzantine icons and stained glass images of the saint. Even older children will enjoy coloring these beautiful sacred images. Use as an art lesson to explore Byzantium and the Eastern Orthodox church. Older children might color the images and write a narrative of St. Nicholas's. Then assemble into a book, laminate and read annually on the Feast of St. Nicholas.
Catholic Mom has free printable Catholic Christmas activities in the Sunday gospel section. There are free printable advent activities too. EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network) has a Catholic Kidssite with holiday and holy day lesson plans, games, crafts, recipes and activities. Check the main site for viewings of the cartoon Nicholas: the Boy Who Became Santa Claus. Youtube has a video on Nicholas, the Real Santa Claus.
Don't forget the best-loved St. Nicholas Day tradition. It comes from the Netherlands. On St. Nicholas eve, December 5, children leave their shoes out near the door. Legend says St. Nicholas, dressed in his bishop's robe and mitre, rides by on a white stallion and leaves presents in shoes. Children leave a hot drink for St. Nicholas and hay or a carrot for his noble steed.

Nicholas's feast day is Dec. 19 in the Julian Orthodox calendar.

Free Printable St. Patricks Day Lessons, Games and Activities

St. Patrick's Day is celebrated on March 17. Many people think the holiday is about green beer, shamrocks and leprechauns. But that's just commercial hype. The real Saint Patrick was a Catholic Roman Britain taken as a slave by Irish raiders. Patrick later returned as a missionary to convert Druidic Ireland. Here are St. Patrick's Day lesson plans, crafts and activities to explore the saint behind the legend and the religious beyond the secular.
Read the story of Saint Patrick on Incredible Art. Then scroll down for free printable St. Patrick's Day activities. Some are secular. Homegrown Catholics is a blog with religious Saint Patrick printables. Lesson Plans Page has free printable lesson plans on Saint Patrick and Irish heritage activities. Catholic Icing is a blog with all Christian St. Patrick's Day activities to print. Catholic Mom hasSaint Patrick lesson plans that are religious.
Now for the secular stuff. Coloring has loads of printable Saint Patrick's Day coloring pages. DL-TK has many printable St. Patrick's Day games, puzzles, dot to dot, crossword and crafts. ABC Teach has free printable math and reading and writing lesson plansbased on Saint Patrick's Day.

A-Z Teacher Stuff has some Catholic Christian Saint Patrick activities and some secular ones with leprechauns, etc. Education has free printable St. Patrick's Day lesson plans. They're secular but at least educational--with shamrock math, etc. First-School has mostly secular St. Patrick's Day printables, but a few religious activities.

Free Printable Valentines Day Lesson Plans

Valentine's Day, celebrate Feb. 14, usually represents a party, candy and cards for children, So how about some free printable Valentine's Day coloring pages, cut and paste, games, lessons, puzzles and activities? Here are some websites to check out for free Valentine's Day printables. Use in school or homeschool. Tie in with your regular curriculum.
Teaching Heart is a one stop site in itself. You'll free printable Valentine puzzles, games, crypto-grams, candy heart spelling pages, valentine grammar, valentine counting, math, sorting, matching, concentration and bingo, valentine lined writing paper, comprehension, printable booklets, file folder games, puzzles connect-the-dots and so much more. Teaching Heart is always adding more as well, so be sure to explore this link.
Coloring Book Fun is a comprehensive source of coloring pages indexed and cross-referenced for ease of use. There are 100s of links for coloring pages on favorite characters like Hello Kitty, Scooby Doo, and lots more. Just about any character that your students or children may like is listed here. There are links to just about any holiday or event that you might want in a separate list as well. There is no site fee and most of the pages appear directly from their icons without the use of Adobe or PDF. We explored this link recently when our youngest was home for a week with bronchitis.
Disney Family has gobs of free valentine printables. this website features really nice images of the crafts and well-detailed instructions. Look for free prinable Disney character crafts: Frozen, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Toy Story, Pixar--print crafts of all your favorites. You'll love the learning-themed Valentine's Day activities as much as the cute crafts.

Check out these links for all your valentine fun and learning!

Free Printable St. Lucia Day Activities, Christmas Around the World

Advent is the Christian period of preparation for Christmas. Several Catholic feast days fall during Advent: Dec. 6 is St. Nicholas, Dec. 12 is Our Lady of Guadalupe and Dec. 13 is St. Lucia (or Lucy) Day, says School of the Seasons. Here are free printable St. Lucia Day activities. Advent is a great time to learn about Christmas traditions around the world. St. Lucia was from Sweden. St. Lucia is the patron saint of Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark). So on her feast day, explore Scandinavian Christmas celebrations.
Reenact St. Lucia story. Legend tells of a period of great hunger and snow storms in Sweden. St. Lucia is said to have brought warm food and drink to the needy. She appeared dressed in white with a halo of light around her head. On St. Lucia Day the eldest girl dresses in white, wears a lighted wreath halo and serves sweet rolls and cocoa to her family and neighbors. You could reenact the story or bring baked goods, Christmas cookies and holiday treats to neighbors. Remember especially the elderly, unemployed, lonely or handicapped. Thrifty Fun shares traditional St. Lucia Day recipes.
Make St. Lucia Day crafts and games. Willow of Wonder has a free printable St. Lucia Day crownand recipes for sweets. Catholic Mom has Sunday gospel lesson plans for the entire liturgical year. The December page features printable activities for Advent and feast days that fall during that time. There are puzzles, games, crafts, wreath activities and more. Making Learning Fun has free printable St. Lucia crafts, coloring pages, paper dolls, puppets and 3D stand-up crafts.
Learn about St. Lucia Day. Here is a collection of free printable St. Lucia lesson plans from Bright Hub Education. Here a St. Lucia themed printable lessons from Lesson Planet. There are maps and activities on Sweden, too. PBSKids has an Arthur episode with activities featuring George and D.W. celebrating St. Lucia Day.
Celebrate St. Lucia Day as part of Advent. Pro Teacher has created a printable December Holidays unit. These activities focus on Advent and Christmas and take you though St. Nicholas Day, St. Lucia Day and other December activities. There is a free printable Advent calendar, Advent house and other activities. Loyola Press has a plethora of free Advent resources and printables.

Free Printable All Saints Day Lessons and Activities

Free Printable Catholic Saints Coloring Pages November 1 marks the Catholic holy day of All Saint's, making October 31 All Hallow's Eve (or Halloween). Use these free printable activities to explore Catholic saints, holy days and All Saint's Day and Halloween. read more

Free Printable 'Dia de los Muertos' (Day of the Dead) Activities

El Dia de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, commemorates the lives of beloved dead. Day of the Dead is the Latino version of Catholic All Saints Day and All Souls Day, November 1 and 2. Dia de los Muertos traditions include creating family altars to honor the dead, visiting loved ones' graves and having picnics at the cemetery to be near the departed. Human skulls and skeletons are integral Dia de los Muertos symbols. Items are designed to look like skulls: candles, food and sugar skulls. People paint their faces to represent a skull (called a calavera). Some Halloween traditions developed from Day of the Dead but unlike Halloween, Day of the Dead isn't about scaring people. It's a religious holiday, culminating the Catholic holy days with pre-Columbian Aztec, Mixtec, Olmec and Toltec rituals of Mexico. If you need free printable Day of the Dead lesson plans to teach students about this popular cultural holiday, read on. Use for homeschooled, public and parochial schooled kids.
Tiki Chris at Flickr has designed awesome free printable skull patterns from one basic skull template. Print these in black and white for students to color. Or print the basic skull template and have a calavera skull decorating contest! This would make an excellent art or social studies project. Using one basic pattern, students can exhibit their creativity in design. Kids will love making connections with this beautiful heritage art from Mexico. has free printable Dia de los Muertos lesson plans and activities to thoroughly explore the Day of the Dead. Make papel picado banners, sugar skulls and skeleton crafts. Kids can learn the geography and culture of Mexico with an Oaxaca puzzle. Arty Ness has free printable Day of the Dead coloring pages, art projects, crafts with skeletons and skulls and more. Mr. Donn has a plethora of free printable Dia de Los Muertos lesson plans and activities. Use these for history, culture, geography and social studies lesson plans for middle school age kids.
Enchanted Learning has free Day of the Dead lesson plans to print. A-Z Central has a whole website devoted to Dia de los Muertos activities. Print and make crafts. Listen to music. Learn about the culture of Mexico. Play games. Learn to make recipes and foods from Mexico. National Geographic has vocabulary lessons on Day of the Dead. There's an awesome picture gallery.
Many parents, particularly Christian parents, don't celebrate Halloween. But don't mistake Day of the Dead skull for Halloween and ignore this rich, cultural festival. And don't let the skulls and skeletons freak you out. They show honor to the dead, not ghoulish fascination with death. These are as reverently handled as the nativity scenes at Christmas. And educators, if you teach ESL, please consider hosting a Day of the Dead party for students. It's good to learn about each other's cultures plus it makes Hispanic students feel more at home