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Free Printable Cut and Paste Scale Model Castles

Cut and paste activities make ideal educational tools. 3D models and dioramas are excellent book activities for reading response lessons. How about some free printable paper castles and 3D castle models for kids? History teachers and homeschool parents will love these hands-on history crafts.

Gamemaker has created a 13 page free printable castles models, perfect for dioramas, medieval world history, social studies and rainy day fun. When this author homeschooled her kids, the eldest daughter made a 3D model of a medieval abbey from waffle boxes. These free printable castle models would have been a perfect addition to social studies lessons. The castle model is labeled accurately with keep, towers, bailey, gate house, merlons and flags. Castle is neatly drawn to scale, includes user-friendly instructions that are perfect for all ages. 

Gamemaker has also made a free printable model of Neuschwanstein Castle in the Clouds. This German Cinderella castle is the poster child for fairytale castles. Neuschwanstein is one of the late Medieval castles in baroque renaissance style. 

For more cool medieval castles and knights stuff, you can visit the Gamemaker at his website Storm the CastleUse these free printable castle models for dioramas, history lessons, engineering and design activities or a social studies unit on medieval times. It's always good in any unit to incorporate as many different subject areas. Cutting and assembling paper crafts hits the STEM components. 

Visit About History for heraldry designs for medieval castles, coat of arms patterns and castle graphics. Add battlements, merlons, flags, mullioned windows and other details to your castles. 

Check out the free printable medieval castles, paper crafts and coloring pages from Skipton Castle in Yorkshire, England. Built in the 12th century Skipton Castle is beautifully preserved. The website includes free printable castle models paper crafts, knights, activities on kitchens of medieval castles, Elizabethan lord and lady and more free printable heraldry activities. DL-TK has a bunch more free printable medieval fantasy crafts.

Free Printable Toy Soldiers, Military Coloring Pages for World History Lesson Plans

August 14, 2015 represents the 70th anniversary of V-J Day, that ended WWII. Teachers and homeschool parents, educate students on war history using realistic military coloring pages and cutout paper soldiers. Here are free printable military soldiers, weapons, vehicles to color and cut out. Coloring pages are historically accurate, detailed, challenging and educational. Most are labeled with details on war, country of origin and time period the soldier represents.
Print-fantry has free printable paper toy soldiers cutouts and military weapons in different time periods and armies. Color, cut and paste a whole division of toy soldiers. Printable Paper Dolls hasfree printable military soldiers paper dolls.
Edupics has free printable military coloring pages. It's the most complete collection of accurate educational coloring page on the Internet. Edupics is comprehensive, accurate and user-friendly. Edupics is cross-referenced, meaning that if you want a medieval sokier, you may find him under Military, Medieval or Armor coloring pages. Check the free printable vehicles coloring pages for images of warships in history. Scan the famous people coloring pages for military leaders like Eva Peron, Che Guevara, Geronimo, Stalin, Lenin, Napoleon and more.
TSL Books has free printable history coloring pages, games and worksheets. Scroll through for military leaders, some weapons and soldiers. Here's a Medieval knight on horse coloring page and another knight with different armor. "Medieval" is a time period also called Middle Ages. Medieval history covers Europe, Asia and the Far East. geographically plus a 400-year time span, Here's a Roman soldier coloring page too.
Gusto Coloring has loads of authentic, detailed, accurate military soldiers coloring pages. Print coloring pages of Army, Navy, soldiers from all periods in history, military aircraft coloring pagest,maritime and warships coloring pageshelicopter coloring pages and more. Look for coloring pages of military insignia, uniforms, weapons, trains to name a few. Raising our Kids has patriotic American military and Armed Forces pictures to color. Home of Heroes has free printable U.S. military soldier coloring pages.

These military soldiers coloring pages come from around the world, various wars and time periods. Each country's or empire's military has different ranks, uniforms, weapons and those change depending on time period and war. There are coloring pages of barbarian invaders, Vikings, Roman and Greek soldiers, medieval knights, Spanish conquistadors, French chevaliers (cavaliers) or cavalry, British dragoons, Canadian Mounties, French Napoleonic soldiers and more. Print coloring pages to teach the Punic Wars, Greco-Turk wars, Crusades, American Revolutionary War, American Civil War, England's Civil Wars, Crimean War, Boer War, World War One, World War Two and other conflicts in history.