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Free Printable Model Trains, Railroad Crafts

Model railroad building is a popular hobby. Back in the day, many men were given scale model train sets as kids and continue to enjoy them as adults. So here's news for model trains geeks--free printable scale model railroad paper building models, miniatures and accessories. With your printer, card stock paper and an exacto knife, you can create a diorama for your scale model train sets.
About Miniatures lists sites for free printable model trains, model railroad accessories. Pay sites are marked "vendor" but many are free. Vendor sites also offer some free printables as samples. The page links to free printable scale model train sets and paper building models for your model railroad. You can print and make circa 1700s building models, an old church and some Dickensian scenery.
This is a wonderful site for all your free printable scale model railroad needs. This site has pieces for HO and O scale model trains. Someone has done a lot of work to make free printable model train sets, buildings, scenery, set pieces, accessories and miniatures available. There are whole free printable scale model railroad town sets which would work great for social studies cultural and literature setting dioramas. Some pieces for scale model trains double as dollhouse miniatures, too!

Odissey [sic] has free printable model train sets and scale building models, Gothic and Victorian building models, floor maps, and scale model miniatures. Teachers and homeschool parents can turn these free printable scale model trains into lesson plans. Use free easier printable model railroad accessories for hands-on crafts, preschool and special education learning centers and harder scale model railroad pieces for units on trains, technology, Industrial Revolution and historical dioramas.

Free Printable Motorcycle models, motorcycle activities

Motorcycles fascinate almost every boy I know and many girls, too. The ultimate fantasy for a many a man and boy is to take off for weeks of travel on a motorcycle, seeing the sights from his bike. Movies like The Motorcycle Diaries and books such as Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance show just how addictive the riding of a motorcycle can be.
If you or someone you love is crazy about motorcycles, then you need these free printable coloring pages featuring over one hundred different types of motorcycles. You can print classic Harley-Davidson sportsters and hogs, vintage Norton, Ariel and BSA, crotch rockets, Japanese speed racing bikes, BMW touring bikes and many more motorcycles.
I carefully weeded out all the internet links that aren't user-friendly and narrowed it down to four websites that have the easiest coloring pages to print. No user ID is required. No download or Java required. You may need Adobe Acrobat reader for a few, but most of the coloring pages are simple click and print coloring pages. You will also need to turn off any pop-up blocker you may be using. This enables you to open the coloring page window. You can turn off pop-up blockers from the Internet Explorer Tools link. This is a site I don't often use, not because I don't like it, but just because I haven't seen many coloring pages from the site. They seem to feature free printable coloring pages grouped by subject. Coloring-Pages-Kids has a nice assortment of motorcycle coloring pages. Some are whimsical and cartoon images. Others are more realistic and detailed. Not so large a variety but still some very nice free printable motorcycle coloring pages. These ttwo links come from the same website. I've listed them seperately because one page features all Harley-Davidson motorcycles and the other webpage is more generic motorcycles. I also listed each link seperately because this website while very well laid out, complete, detailed and user-friendly, is difficult to access from URL bars. Bookmark both this link and the next for ease in finding and saving. I've had trouble getting back to the site without these links. And you will want to return to this site frequently for free printable motorcycle and vehicle coloring pages. Not only are there coloring pages featuring specific and clearly labeled vehicles, but also engine and bike components. Some of these coloring pages are more like schematic diagrams. They could easily be used to teach drawing skills for motorcycles. Bookmark this for the webpage of general motorcycles. Over 70 free printable motorcycle coloring pages on this page. Easy to print.
Enjoy these free printable motorcycle coloring pages! I love them because now I don't have to free draw motorcycles for coloring pages enthusiasts! My coloring pages look cubist rather than realistic!