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Free printable Catholic Christian activities, Lenten lesson plans, Bible crafts

The Catholic liturgical year heads into Lent on Feb. 10, 2016. In this most solemn and meaningful season, Catholic school teachers, religious education instructors, homeschool parents will enjoy these free printable Catholic crafts, Christian games, religious puzzles and activities. Use these for lesson plans, party games, holy day activities and family fun.
St. Anne's Helper has links for hundreds of free printable Catholic saints coloring pages. Some are vintage prints and others are styled like stained glass windows. Subjects include: advent, Bible, Christmas, devotions, Easter, holidays, first communion, sacraments, confirmation, saints, rosary, lent, Palm Sunday, prayers, novenas, Our Lady the Blessed Virgin Mary and many more. The Bingo Maker has free printable Bible bingo games and cards for Catholic crafts, Christian games, religious puzzles and saints coloring pages on women of faith, Christian symbols, holy places in the world, Noah's ark and more. DL-TK has a customizable bingo card creator. You can add more or fewer options to Bible bingo games cards and choose from images or text. Some appropriate themes for Catholic include free printable Veggie Tales, Christmas and Bible bingo games.
For more free printable Catholic crafts and Chrisitan games, visit Bingo Card Creator to get free samples of premade and customizable Bible bingo cards. Create your own list or use those in the data bank. Bingo Card Creator has free printable Catholic crafts, Christian games, saints games, prayers, devotions. seasons, holy days and other liturgical bingo cards. Catholic Mom has a free printable Catholic activities index related to Sunday mass and gospel readings. There are Catholic saints coloring pages, Christian games, religious puzzles, mazes, word searches, jigsaw puzzles and Bible bingo. Themes include holidays, saints, Bible and prayers.
Waltzing Matilda has hand-drawn free printable Catholic saints coloring pages arranged according to the church liturgical calendar. There are saints for each month of the year. These are free to print but must not be sold. You could make them into religious puzzles or games for your family, homeschool or CCD. Just don't use them for profit. Become What You Are contains links to dozens offree printable Catholic crafts, Christian games and saints coloring pages. There are holiday and holy day images, plus mysteries of the rosary, Eucharist and general Bible themes. These images are quite intricate and would make good coloring activities for older children who like more challenging crafts. JC Kids has more Catholic printables that could be used for crafts or games.

Print these images to help children respond to religious teachings. When little ones can are actively engaged, in such as by coloring, they find it easier to focus. If you give children's artwork to a senior friend to enjoy, then the child can feel like his coloring is helping someone else, too.

Teach Kids Generosity With Lenten Almsgiving Donations

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is the single largest non-governmental relief agency in the world. Each year at Lent, CRS Rice Bowl collects millions of dollars for global poverty from nickels and dimes of Catholic parishioners. CRS Rice Bowl focuses attention on the Lenten virtues of prayer, fasting and almsgiving. The CRS Rice Bowl is a cardboard box which, when assembled, looks like a Chinese restaurant take-out box. During Lent, families place a CRS Rice Bowl in their homes to collect loose change for the poor and hungry of the world. The CRS Rice Bowl packet includes Lenten calendars with devotional activities, prayers, feast days and stations of the cross. Each calendar day has a global prayer focus with specific information about the country in need. Here are CRS Rice Bowl activities, printables, prayers, games, crafts and recipes. Use these Lenten lesson plans to teach social studies, history, economics, geography, language arts, culture, science and religious education

Social studies lesson plans. Explore countries served by Lenten rice bowl. Lenten calendars list information about the seven countries (one for each week of Lent) supported by the CRS Rice Bowl. Each year CRS Rice Bowl highlights different countries to help. Lenten calendars introduce a person from each country and explain some of the conditions. Lenten calendars share recipes from that country. Printables, lesson plans and learning activities are provided to supplement the CRS rice bowl.

Science and geography lesson plans. Research the seven countries served by Operation Rice Bowl. Hang a wall-sized world map. Create maps for CRS Rice Bowl countries and regions. Attach maps to wall with yarn indicating where they are on world map. Make a chart or graphic organizer showing cause and effect of poverty in each country (drought, poor sanitation, terrain, natural disasters, political regimes, military coups, loss of industry, urban crowding, etc.). Create and display a time line, running along the wall. Draw a separate line for each country to show events in each. Draw a world timeline and list important global events. Illustrate maps and time lines with native animals, artifacts and natural resources. Use printables for maps, charts and coloring pages.

Language arts lesson plans. Write letters through Catholic Relief Services to children in each country. Write country name, language, region, capitol and keywords from each country. Use as vocabulary and spelling words. Have children create country booklets, using free social studies printables from Enchanted Learning. Older kids could create reading response journals and include maps and writing projects. Or have kids make scrapbooks.

Make and try CRS Rice Bowl recipes included. Cooking is great hands-on application for math, chemistry and science lesson plas. Explore ethnic markets in your area and online to find the ingredients you need. Look for others foods that are similar. Be sure to emphasize meatless recipes. Research and discuss the biomes and habitats of the countries. What plants grow native in these regions? What animals are native? What is the terrain and climate? Explore other recipes from these areas or similar regions. See website for links on world research. Design a world cookbook and sell copies to raise money for the CRS Rice Bowl.

Check out Catholic Relief Services Family site for more ideas. Use the Educators page for loads more social studies printables, lesson plans, activities, word games, puzzles, kids newsroom, interactive online activities and games. Use the Catholic prayer calendar in following Lenten calendars. Most schools incorporate calendar activities in their day. Include the prayers and information in your calendar routine.

Free Printable Lent Devotional Coloring Pages

The Catholic church enters the Lenten season of preparation before Easter. For Catholic and Orthodox Christians, Easter is about more than just bunnies and candy. Easter celebrates the Passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. During Lent, which begins on Ash Wednesday, Christians ready themselves for Jesus's coming with prayer, fasting and almsgiving. The date of Ash Wednesday changes each year as Easter is a "movable feast." In 2015, Ash Wednesday is Feb. 18.Here are free printable stations of the cross, rosary, saints and Easter bible story coloring pages.
Lenten season runs for 46 days up to Easter. Lent "follows" Jesus's during forty days of fasting in the desert when He was tempted by Satan. in preparation for His sacrifice on the cross. During Lent, we try to imitate Jesus. We follow the "Way of the Cross" or Stations of the Cross and pray the rosary.
St. John the Baptist Religious Education has nearly 100 free printable Catholic Lenten coloring pages