Free Printable Lesson Plans: Free Printable Thanksgiving, Native American Crafts, Activities, Lessons

Free Printable Thanksgiving, Native American Crafts, Activities, Lessons

Schools usually teach Native American history in November. But Native American Indians celebrate special holidays every month. In February, it's the Kwakiutl Midwinter Ceremony (which reaffirms connection with the earth). Here are other Native American holidays and holy days. Teachers and homeschool parents, if you're doing a unit on Native American Indians, here's a unit of lesson planson eastern woodland native American Indians. These tribes and clans hale from the eastern seaboard region of the United States. This article refers to Native Americans as American Indians as well because that is how many tribal groups refer to themselves.
This Native American Indians unit is multi-sensory, cross-curricular and can be used with many ages and grades. Lesson plans in this interdisciplinary unit cover history, geography, culture, core democratic values, math, art, literature, science, music, reading, writing and media skills. Free printable Native American Indians activities, games, Indian crafts, recipes, web resources, books, music and materials are included.
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