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Free Printable Earthquake Lesson Plans, Earth Science, Emergency Preparedness Lessons

April and May kick off severe weather season in the northern hemisphere. Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, hail, lightning and thunder storms are all in the spring forecast. Here are educational movies on earth science, severe weather phenomena, geology and natural disasters. Use these great educational movies for science lessons and severe weather exploration? Educational movies include links for free printables to follow up earth science lessons. These educational movies cover many aspects of earth science in an exciting, visceral way.
"Twister" (1996, Bill Paxton, Helen Hunt) This is one of the action-adventure educational movies on severe weather. In heart-pounding action from start to finish, Twister uses mid 1990s computer generation to show the action of tornadoes in a believable way. Twister shows two storm chasing teams compete to develop accurate tornado tracking and monitoring devices. The cheesy little back-burner love triangle between storm chasers doesn't detract from the main concept of this geology thriller, For free printables on earth science lessons and follow up activities from Twister, click here. Here's are more free printables on tornadoes.
"Vertical Limit" (2000 Chris O'Donnell, Bill Paxton, Scott Glenn) In Vertical Limit, climbers attempt to scale K-2 one of the largest Everest mountains peaks. When one team gets separated and trapped the others must attempt a rescue during a brutal storm. Vertical Limit shows severe weather conditions a top the mountains as well as the effects of high altitude on the human body. Vertical Limit in earth science lessons on geology and avalanches. For free printables of earth science lessons on Vertical Limit and click here.
"The Day After Tomorrow" is one of the sci-fi severe weather educational movies. But kids can still learn about global warming and how it causes severe weather and natural disasters. Students can learn vital earth science lessons on the water cycle and development of severe weather patterns.
"When the Levees Broke" and other Hurricane Katrina documentaries show the devastation of natural disasters on an urban area. Hurricane Katrina, Aug. 25-29, 2005, was one of the worst natural disasters in the U.S. Students learn earth science lessons on hurricanes, storm surges and floods. Here are earth science lessons and printables on Hurricane Katrina and other severe weather natural disasters. Click here for other Hurricane Katrina lesson plans.

"The Perfect Storm" (2000 George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, John C. Reilly) The crew of a small fishing boat is caught off the shores of Glouchester, Massachusetts between two huge storm systems, The Perfect Storm filmography is intense. This is one of the best action educational movies on the use of radar in severe weather study. Preview The Perfect Storm to edit out superfluous and crude parts that are not necessary to the plot. The Perfect Storm in based upon the book by the same name by Sebastian Junger. Here are free printables on earth science lessons from The Perfect Storm.

Free Printable Earth Science and Geology Lesson Plans

Earth science is a fascinating subject. To help you teach earth science, either in public school or in homeschool, here are free printable geology lesson plans and earth science worksheets. Look for charts, graphs, maps, activities and printables to explore geology, rocks and minerals and earth science.
Geology has free printable geology lesson plans and earth science worksheets. You can print charts, geographical maps, geologic maps, periods of the earth, rocks and minerals, earth structure and diagrams that demonstrate plate tectonics. Look for earth cut-away models, soil layers, volcanoes, ring of fire, the relationship between volcanoes and earthquakes, carbon dating, how fossils and fossil fuels develop, rocks and minerals and more.
National Geographic Kids is a superb resource for worksheets and lesson plans on earth science, rocks and minerals and geology. Scroll around to find specific earth science activities you need. Teachers and homeschool parents don't miss the huge assortment of geology and earth science printables awaiting you!
Next, spelunk (that's explore in geo-speak) your way over to the Geological Society of America for dozens of free printable geology lesson plans. Who better than the GSA to teach kids about earth science, geology, rocks and minerals, ages of the earth models and other earth-friendly topics? Visit Discovery Education for free printable earth science lesson plans. Click the age/grade you need and then click "science" to find free printable geology worksheets, activities and printables.

Mining USA has some useful educational free printable resources geared specifically to coal mining. National Geographic is the best, hands-down, all around site for earth science lesson plans, geology worksheets and rocks and minerals information. Look for many free printables for teachers and homeschoolers.