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Free printable Catholic O Antiphons prayers, crafts count down to Christmas

Advent, a penitential season in Catholic and Orthodox Christian churches, begins four weeks before Christmas. During Advent, the faithful Catholic pray, give alms, fast and perform acts of sacrifice. It's a lesser Lent. Starting Dec. 17, in Advent, says Benet Vision, the Catholic church counts down the last week till the Octave of Christmas, praying the Magnificat or O Antiphons (names for Jesus) litany. The Magnificat was the Blessed Virgin Mary's prayer to God.
Each day focuses on a different Biblical name for Jesus. These ancient messianic titles are referenced in the Old Testament of the Bible. They can be found in the hymn "O Come, O Come Emmanuel." Here are the titles in Latin and English.
Dec. 17 O Sapientia (Wisdom)
Dec. 18: O Adonai (Lord of Lords)
Dec. 19: O Radix Jesse (Root of Jesse or Flower of Jesse's stem)
Dec. 20: O Clavis David (Key of David)
Dec. 21: O Oriens ( Dayspring or Radiant Dawn)
Dec. 22: O Rex Gentium (King of the nations, King of Kings)
Dec. 23: O Emmanuel (God with Us, or With Us is God)
The Advent tradition of praying the Magnificat O Antiphons began in medieval times. Some protestant churches pray them too. Here are free printable Magnificat O Antiphons coloring sheetsto help children learn and pray these sacred worshipful devotions. Family Feast and Feria has freeprintable ancient Catholic church images found in stained glass windows to color. Have children, make them into a prayer booklet.
Teach kids that the first title letters, Emmanuel, Radix, Oriens, Clavis, Rex, Adonai and Sapienta spell the Latin word "erocras" meaning "Tomorrow, I will come." Advent anticipates the coming of Christ at Christmas. The O Antiphons take us to Dec. 24 the Feast of Christ's mass (Christmas). The symbol for Jesus is two Greek letters Chi Ro (X and P). It looks like a Pax sign.

You might also have children create free printable Jesse Tree ornaments and decorations for the Christmas tree. Children could learn to play O Come Emmanuel. Here is free printable sheet music for different instruments. Perhaps they could learn to sing it and share at a nursing home or church senior group. Words are included on the links. You might also make treats based on the seven Catholic Magnificat O Antiphons. Cut sugar cookies shaped printable images. Or cut them like a star, sun, tree, key, King's crown, Bible, cross, Chi Ro, fish, baby. Help kids explore the O Antiphons with all their senses.

Free Printable Jesse Tree Pattern, Ornaments

 Advent is the Catholic Christmas liturgical season leading up to Christmas. For four weeks, we pray, fast, read Bible passages on the gospel Christmas story and give alms to the poor. The theme of Advent is to prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus. One way is to pray an Advent calendar. Another, related to the Advent calendar is to follow a Jesse Tree.
The Jesse Tree is an ancient visual aid the shows the lineage of Jesus. The basis comes from the Old Testament Bible passage "a root shall spring up from the stump of Jesse's lineage." This Bible foretells the birth of the Messiah and that He will come through Jesse, King David's father. . During Advent, symbols are hung on the Jesse Tree to represent Bible characters and people in Jesus's family tree.
Here are free printable Jesse Tree devotional activities. Each night, have children color one symbol place it on the Jesse Tree. Do this as you light candles on the Advent wreath and candles and read and pray from the Advent calendar. The Jesse Tree ends by adding images from the O Antiphons, another ancient Advent to Christmas series of prayers.
Life Your Way has a set of free printable Jesse Tree ornaments with Biblical symbols. ERIERCD has several pages of Jesse Tree coloring pages to print free. Print in black and white and have kids color. Jesse Tree ornaments include apple tree (Adam and Eve). Ark and rainbow (Noah), tent (Abraham), cradle (Sarah), coat (Joseph), stone tablets (Moses), Harp (David), ladder (Jacob), tambourine (Miriam), crown (Solomon), anchor (Ruth) lion and lamb (Isaiah), mallet (Deborah), trumpet (Joshua), lion (Daniel), well (Rebecca), house (Elizabeth), lily (Mary) hammer (St. Joseph) Chi Ro (Jesus). The Reformed Church in America has more free printable Jesse Tree symbols to color. Catholic Icing has more printable Advent Jesse tree crafts. 1+1+1=1 has a free printable Jesse Tree booklet with devotions, prayers and crafts to make.
The Jesse Tree can be made in many ways. In times past, it was a Christmas tree. Some families use a tree made of paper or a cloth banner with detachable ornaments. In our family I use a small table top tree with child-made ornaments and symbols. We add one each day.