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Free printable eclipse lesson plans, astronomy activities, star charts, constellations, earth science coloring pages

Teachers and homeschooling families, are you looking for a great unit to kick off the school year? Why not welcome kids back to school with an astronomy party to celebrate the recent solar eclipse? Earth science and astronomy are fascinating subjects to teach kids. Children can enjoy stargazing anywhere and everywhere and it costs nothing. Use free printable star charts, astronomy activities and constellation patterns to teach kids about space science. Here's a galaxy of star charts, constellation coloring pages astrology and horoscope zodiac signgs and night sky maps plus lesson plans on the eclipse, planets, meteor showers and more.

SFA Observatory offers free printable star charts divided by region of the sky. Each constellation is labeled with Latin name and star shape. There's a handy guide to help stargazers orient themselves and their telescope for best viewing.

Kids Astronomy has a free printable night sky map and star chart that can be customized by date and time. Kids Astronomy has entire interactive webpage for kids. Look for free printable earth science lessons, night sky activities, star charts and astronomy games. Homeschoolers and teachers, be sure to visit the educator resource page for free printable astronomy coloring pages, solar system vocabulary lessons and space science worksheets.

Sky Maps has free printable night sky maps based on latitude and hemisphere. Each month, users are sent a new edition of the sky maps reflecting the current month's constellations. Classroom, Jr.has printable constellation charts for Sagittarius, Virgo, Scorpio and Libra. Check this website for scads of free Earth Day printables.

NASA Space Place is an interactive astronomy website for children from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Kids can learn to make their own paper-folded star finder. This will help locate major constellations for each month. There are also free printable constellation patterns for each month. Download and print to use as coloring pages, star patterns and star finders, too.

Athropolis offers a collection of links to free kids' astronomy activities, simulation games, printable activities, star names, pronunciation guides and more. Children will love Star Child with a kids-club web design and easy astronomy activities. There are two sites--one for kids under 14 and one for those older than 14.

Print a star chart for each student. Encourage them to trace the constellations on tracing paper. This will help them learn the star arrangements. They might use the charts as connect-the-stars activities.

Free Printable Hubble Space Telescope Astronomy Activities for Mars Rover Curiosity, Perseid Meteor Shower Party

Happy 25th anniversary, Hubble Space Telescope! April 24 is HST's birthday. Teachers and homeschoolers, are you looking for free printable Hubble Space Telescope lesson plans, astronomy activities or earth science worksheets? Here's a galaxy of space-themed printables.
Here's the Hubble Space Telescope website. There are games, crafts and educator activities. Here are printable Hubble Space Telescope worksheets. Here's a link to a homemade Hubble Space Telescope craft. Here are free printable astronomy worksheets and puzzles, plus Hubble telescope coloring pages from About. Kids Astronomy has 25 free printable astronomy printables.
The Michigan Science Center's Chrysler IMAX Dome Theater and Dassault Systemes Planetarium have printable solar system lesson plans. Formerly the Detroit Children's Museum/Detroit Science Center, this science cooperative is an invaluable resource for kids, teachers and home school families. Here are free printable science lesson plans.

Print astronomy activities and Hubble Space Telescope worksheets for middle school and elementary age students. Click around for printable games, activities, crafts and worksheets on the solar system, sun, night sky and other earth science topics.