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Free Printable Rainbow Magic, Tinker Bell, Fairytopia, Pixie Hollow Lesson Plans, Fairy Crafts

Parents, are you looking for fairy crafts for your little fairy princess? How about free printable Tinker Bell, Barbie Fairytopia, Fairies of Pixie Hollow and Rainbow Magic fairies? Start with Rainbow Magic fairy stories created by a collection of authors writing under the pseudonym "Daisy Meadows." Rainbow Magic is illustrated by Georgie Ripper. There are several dozen Rainbow Magic fairy stories. Here are free printable Rainbow Magic fairy crafts.
The series began with the Rainbow Fairies, seven sisters each named after a color of the rainbow: Ruby, Amber, Saffron, Fern, Sky, Izzie and Heather. Two little girls, Rachel and Kirsty discover the rainbow fairies and their magical kingdom. The Rainbow Fairies series has blossomed to include fairies for practically every theme: princess, jewel fairies, pet keepers, weather, fun day, sporty, Christmas, flowers, music, magic animals, dance, party, ocean, green, twilight and several other fairy groups.
Start your free printable Rainbow Fairies activities quest here. The Friendship fairies offers free printable friendship activities, fairy crafts, puzzles and word games. The Green fairies are all about the environment and keeping the earth healthy. Visit the Green fairies page for free printable fairy crafts, activities and games and Rainbow Magic free printable picture frames, post cards, stationary, puzzles, word games, door hangers and coloring pages.
Here are free printable coloring pages of fairies from literature such as Shakespeare. There are old school Tinker Bell images and pictures of the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio. Here are more free printablefairy princess crafts and Medieval fantasy crafts with fairies. Here are free printable Barbie Fairytopia coloring pages. And you can't let an article about fairy crafts go to print without a nod to the greatest fairy of all Tinker Bell! No, don't get mad Tink, because the best is always saved for last! Here are free printable Tinker Bell and the Fairies of Pixie Hollow coloring pages.

Print a whole booklet of Tinker Bell, Barbie Fairytopia and Rainbow Magic activities to occupy a sick child or pass the time on a family car trip. Pack her a "Care-y Fairy Package," including printable booklet, crayons or markets, stickers, scissors, glue sticker and pencil. For extra fun, add some glitter (fairy gurus often refer to this as "pixie dust.") By the way, June 24 is Fairy Day!

Free Printable Spiderwick Chronicles Lesson Plans

March is National Reading Month, time to focus on the best in children's literature. Today's featured genre is woodland folklore fantasy books. Does your spine tingle at the mention of sprites, pixies, brownies, ogres, hobgoblins, faeries and gryphons? Then "The Spiderwick Chronicles" is just the book series/movie for you! The first book Spiderwick Chronicles: The Field Guide just celebrated its 10th birthday. Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi wrote and illustrated the The Spiderwick Chronicles. There are five more Spiderwick Chronicles stories: The Seeing Stone, Lucinda's Secret, The Ironwood Tree and The Wrath of Mulgarath. Spiderwick is Lord of the Rings for elementary school. There are three more books from Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles called The Nixie's Song, A Giant Problem and The Wyrm King.
If you enjoy The Spiderwick Chronicles, book and/or movie, or fantasy books in general, how about some free printable Spiderwick coloring pages? Here are Spiderwick coloring pages depicting Hogsqueal, Mulgarath, Thimbletack, Jared, Simon, Mallory, Spiderwick Estate, sylphs, faeiries, ogres, hobgoblins and a griffin. DL-TK has free printable fantasy books coloring pages. Use these for folklore lesson plans.
Spiderwick is the homepage of the woodland fantasy books series is loaded with fun stuff! Click the Downloads link for printable hobgoblin mask, crafts, coloring pages, Spiderwick gameboard, trading cards, puzzles, game cards and more. You can collect creature trading cards but you have to watch for them; they aren't easy to spot. Look for brownies, boggarts, unicorns, dwarves, elves, pixies, sprites, the Phooka, Stray Sod and other creatures of the woodland night. Teachers, you can print off free writing strands, vocabulary words, folklore lesson plans, journal exercises, and other free folklore and fantasy books lesson plans. The sound effects and graphics on this sites are enchanting. Hogsqueal that rascally hobgoblin takes you on a tour of the site.

Tony DiTerlizzi has created a pdf booklet of free printable Spiderwick activities. First are several pages of faerie coloring pages and paper doll clothes straight from the beautiful art of Tony DiTerlizzi. There is also a whimsical recipe for yummy faerie porridge, a riddle making game and a creative writing page. Each activity has pieces of Tony DiTerlizzi's artwork in black and white decorating the pages. These make perfect coloring pages also! Here are free printable Spiderwick Chronicles lesson plans from ESL Printables. Here are more Spiderwick activities and activities on fantasy books.