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Free Printable Hands-On Elementary Science Activities, Worksheets, Experiments

April is Earth Month and lesson plans focus on life science. The best ways to learn about life science are with E2I2-- explore, examine, interact and investigate. These activities require laboratory science experiments and outdoor exploratory science. Teachers, you can make classroom science lesson plans more exploratory by covering walls with posters, charts and diagrams. Placing science charts and diagrams at a student's glance give students quick reference, but also exploratory science experience as they examine the diagrams and digest the information. Here are free printable science charts, diagrams, graphs, posters, graphic organizers, maps to post in your classroom and homeschool. Print science worksheets in black and white and use as science coloring pages. Some free printable life science materials could be used as science worksheets, study guides, puzzles, fill-ins, crosswords, lessons, flashcards and more.

Life science subjects include food chains and food webs, insects, metamorphosis, frog life cycle, leaves, trees, plants, animal classification, habitats and more. Homeschool parents, use these life science activities in lesson plans. Even if your children are not homeschooled, parents, you can use these life science activities as homework helpers. Make science materials available to use as references for their science homework.

EcoKids is an ecology website for kids, students, parents and teachers. This site features online ecology mystery games that students can read and solve. Students must pay close attention and put their knowledge of the ecosystem into practice. Plus, there are free printable biology and life science coloring pages, worksheets, activities and lesson plans for Earth Day and Earth Month!

KidsKonnect has paid and free printable biology and life science worksheets, lesson plans, charts and diagrams. Life science activities are based around environments world wide. Enchanted Learning has a huge collection of free printable life science worksheets, coloring pages, charts and diagrams. There are also general science activities, crafts, mini booklets, puzzles and worksheets.

Ology is a kids' science website from AMNH, the American Museum of Natural History. Get free printable life science coloring pages, worksheets, posters, charts and diagrams galore. There free printable science activities for all earth science, chemistry and physics or physical science. LearningPage has free printable life science coloring pages, cut and paste science crafts, life science worksheets, puzzles, games, charts and diagrams.

TSL Books has free printable life science lesson plans organized by grades. A neat tidy homepage features a left column of links by grade and subject. Each grade page has free printable lesson plans for each subject. This site is free but they do ask that a donation of a few dollars per year will help keep it free.