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Free Printable Play Money, Coin Patterns for Math Lessons

Pi Day, March 14, celebrates math. Money math is a favorite with kids. They love play money. Kids learn math skills pretending grocery store or consumer math. Interacting with play money, children learn to count, add, subtract, multiply, divide and skip count by fives, tens and twenty-five. Making change teaches counting backwards.
Consumer math is great way to demonstrate positive and negative numbers. Positive numbers are money you have. Negative numbers can be thought of as money you owe. Money math teaches fractions, decimals and percent, using credit, interest, fees, sales an discounts as examples.
Here are links to free printable play money. Print play money and use in preschool learning centers: house, store, bank and practical life. Use free printable play money in math, marketing, life skills and economic classes. Using play money helps prepare special needs students for real-life experience and transitions.
Printable Play Money had gobs of printable American money in all currencies, including bills and denomination. Play money is realistic enough to use for math lessons.
Free Stuff 4 Kids has free printable play money. Print out one, five and ten dollar bills. Money Instructor has free printable money math worksheets that you can personalize with the kind and number of bills and coins you need. Print play money coins: pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and half dollars. Print bills in one, five, ten, twenty and fifty dollar denominations.
Free Stuff 4 Kids has free printable play checks for students. Practice banking, check writing, checkbook balancing and accounting. 
This blog lets you print exact duplicates of 
American money. Print currency: one, five, ten and twenty dollar bills.
Need free printable play Euros? Activity Village has several pages of free printable Euros in many denominations. You can print American money and play money to. Sparkle Box has money math games and play money printables, too.
For more free printable activities, crafts, cut and paste projects, games, puzzles, dioramas, paper dolls, word games, sheet music and other goodies, visit my blog Free Printable Lesson Plans.