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Free printable Columbus Day lesson plans, navigation activities, historical maps, coloring pages, exploration worksheets, medieval crafts

Columbus Day is observed on the second Monday in October in the U.S. Columbus Day is October 12 in 2015. Schools typically mark the holiday with Columbus Day activities Here are free printable
Columbus Day lesson plans and worksheets to create history and social studies units. Print free Christopher Columbus themed games, coloring pages, lessons, puzzles, crafts and cut and paste activities.
Columbus Day honors the 1492 landing of Columbus's ships on the Caribbean Islands, which he named the New World. Columbus isn't the first European to see the Americas, but he did provide the
earliest records and maps. Use these free printable lesson plans to explore medieval history, science,
math, navigation, travel, exploration and culture surrounding Columbus's voyage. Lessons suit special and general education and homeschool students in all grades.

The Holiday Zone has pages of free Columbus Day printables for preschoolers and lower
elementary students. There are coloring pages, crossword puzzles, mazes, word searches, printable
readers and more. Teachers will love the free printable Columbus Day vocabulary cards with
illustrations. Print vocab words on card stock, laminate and use each year for pocket charts and word
The Mariner's Museum offers free printable exploration history lesson plans for older students. High
school students usually get left out when it comes to hands-on activities. But not here: they can study
exploration, navigation, cartography and medieval scientific equipment. Make an astrolabe, sextant,
quadrant and compass using free printable templates. Print, color and label diagrams of ships and
navigational tools. The teacher link has lesson details and answer key. Student links contain printable
activity pdfs. has free printable Columbus Day coloring pages. There are realistic images of
Columbus, ships and map activities to color and There are two world maps plus one map each of Italy
(Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy), Spain (Columbus sailed under the auspices and flag of Queen
Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain) and San Salvador (first place Columbus's ships landed). DL-TK has more Columbus Day printables. Here are more coloring pages of ships and boats.

Apples 4 the Teachers has more free printable Columbus Day worksheets. Enchanted Learning has more interactive Columbus Day lessons on maps, navigation, history and more.
Assemble these printables into a booklet to use as homework or for projects. Special needs students
who sometimes need more structure and direction might use these activities to demonstrate