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Free Printable American Girl Activities for Memorial Day

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Pleasant Company American Girl dolls, several will be getting their own live action shows on Amazon Prime. Mattel (owner of Pleasant Company) and Amazon are collaborating on two films featuring the American Girl BeForever historical dolls and others featuring the contemporary American Girl of the Year dolls. American Girl dolls Kit Kittredge and MaryEllen Larkin had their own shows, now others join in the fun. To celebrate the birthday and the new films, here are free printable American Girl activities. Print American Girl dolls coloring pages.craft activities, skits, literature-based lesson plans, writing prompts, games, puzzles and lesson plans.
American Girl doll characters each represent a different part of the country, time period and ethnic background. Each girl has her own series of books. American Girl has created these free printable craft activities activities for the BeForever historical dolls American Girl characters Addy, Caroline, Josefina, Julie, Kaya, Kit, Maryellen, Melody, Rebecca and Samantha. Each of the American Gril dolls has six corresponding books covering seasons, birthdays and holidays. They feature in historical mysteries, too. Here are free printable American Girl readers guides for parents and teachers. There was a play kit, party kit, craft activities book and recipe book for each doll, too. Here are free printable American Girl teachers guides for with craft activities and lesson plans on historical dolls. Here's a collection of all the free printable American Girl activities. Check out the super cute craft activities, games, puzzles, coloring pages and part supplies. Tip Junkie offers free printable American Girl games and free printable paper dolls and doll clothes. Some American Girl dolls are included.
The original five historical dolls from American Girl were Felicity (1774, colonial), Kirsten (1854, Minnesota territory settler), Addy (African-American, Civil War), Samantha (1904, city dweller) and Molly (1944, World War II). Of those, Felicity, Kirsten and Molly have been retired. The Pleasant Company added Josefina (1824, New Mexico), Kaya (1764 Native American Nez Perce), Julie (1970s, San Francisco), Kit (Great Depression), Rebecca (1914, Jewish), Marie-Grace and Cecilie (black and white friends in 1853 New Orleans), MaryEllen (1950s) and Melody (African American, 1964 during Civil Right era). Printables 4 Kids offers free printable craft activities that have been archived. Some are based on American Girl pets Coconut and Licorice and the AG Bitty Babies dolls. Here areAmerican Girl online games and activities. Here are printable activities from Doll Diaries. And here are lesson plans on diversity from Marie-Grace and Cecilie.

I first discovered the American Girl stories in 1992 with the book "Happy Birthday, Molly." Having a 4-year-old "Molly"of my own, I was always looking for books that used her name. We never really got into the dolls, but we loved the craft and theater kits, cookbooks and stories. As a 10-year homeschooling veteran, these American Girls activities were very useful for social studies (including history, geography and culture) lesson plans. We started an American Girl club where we made the crafts, cooked the foods, used the theater kits to put on dramatic presentations. These activities gave our kids (of both genders) hands-on historical exploration. These activities would make excellent classroom curriculum for upper elementary ages, too.