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Free Printable American Literature Activities and Lessons

This article provides links and descriptions of  online sites offering free literature activities. There are free printable reading games and lesson plans. Use for author study, genre study, Reader's Workshop and Writer's Workshop. Explore the novel, dramatic play, short story, essay, narrative, speech, expository writing and poetry. Genres include fantasy, mystery, adventure, horror, allegory, fable, legend and epic. Lessons may be used by American literature teachers and home school parents. Resources will be helpful for special needs students, too.

Happychild comes to us from the UK and like so many of the British sites has a very multi-cultural flavor. I am an admitted 'brit-o-phile' and tend to regard more highly anything from GB.
Gradebook is a .org site and that to me is a symbol of quality, professionalism and generosity. Decades of quality teaching goes into the creation of these lessons, activities, games and learning tools. You'll find a plethora of lesson plans and not exclusively just American literature.