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Free Printable Handwriting, Cursive Penmanship Worksheets

One of the lessons that often gets lost in a teacher's busy school day is penmanship. Arguably, cursive is less important with the advent of computers. Legible handwriting is not nearly as prized as it was when students wrote more and typed less. Older people remember spending hours practicing manuscript and cursive writing. And their penmanship was neater. 

This isn't a debate over the validity of teaching cursive or handwriting skills. Teachers should at least look for neatness in schoolwork. Here are free printable handwriting worksheets, manuscript writing practice pages and cursive penmanship worksheets. Use free printable manuscript (printing letters) and cursive writing worksheets.
There are different methods and styles for teaching penmanship. Zaner-Bloser style is the older handwriting style in which printed letters are written vertically with no slant. Then D'Nnealian came into vogue in the early 1980s. D'nealian manuscript (printed letters) are written at a slant with more rounding of letters. D'nealian is more comfortable to write and works with the curves of the hand and body. D'Nealian print also transitions to cursive writing better. Here are free printable penmanship lessons for both styles of handwriting worksheets.
Writing Wizard has many free printable handwriting worksheets and writing practice pages for manuscript (print) and cursive writing practice pages. There are upper and lower case letters. You can print pages with single letters to practice. Kids Zone has really nice free printable handwriting worksheets and writing practice pages. The letters are grouped according the movements needed to write them. For example, there are the "rockin" round' letters and the "up the slide letters." This site is very kid-friendly. There are gobs more free printable writing and reading lessons on printing, tracing, alphabet, Dolce sight words, phonics, poetry and more.
Handwriting for Kids has a collection of free printable penmanship writing practice pages and handwriting worksheets. Look for cursive writing practice pages on this site. Home Education Resources has a great assortment of free printable penmanship lessons and handwriting worksheets. Each of the cursive handwriting worksheets has a coloring picture on it. Children love to color the pictures when they have finished their handwriting practice. Make the coloring page a reward. When they have shown you their five best examples of the letter, they get to color the pictures.

Handwriting may be a lost art, but it will probably always be needed to some extent. Use these free printable handwriting practice pages as lesson plans, in homeschool or tutoring.