Free Printable Lesson Plans: Free Online Graphing Calculator for Math Classes- TI-83, TI-84, TI-86, TI-89

Free Online Graphing Calculator for Math Classes- TI-83, TI-84, TI-86, TI-89

The TI-30 scientific calculator from Texas Instruments is the required calculator for most middle school math classes. TI-83 and Ti-84 are graphing calculators used in high school math classes. These calculators can be pricey. So try the free calculator downloads and graphing calculator apps available here.

TI-30 scientific calculators have function keys for algebra and algebraic equations, trigonometry, scientific math, decimal to fraction converter, unit converter, complex numbers and RPS. has laptop and desktop computer software for the TI-30 free. Texas Instruments website  has free downloads for their products also. The online TI-30 scientific calculator software can be purchased for $14.95. The advantage in using online scientific calculators is that handheld are easier to lose or get stolen. This site has free math lessons and graphing calculator downloads as does this site.

Google Play has free graphing calculator apps for Android users. lists the best free graphing calculator apps available for any platform, from iTunes or Google Play.

If you can find a good freebie, I suggest buying an app for the iPhone, iPod or Android. This turns makes the device into a calculator and means less chance of loss or theft.

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