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Free printable coloring pages on The Little Prince, Le Petit Prince lesson plans

Mark Osborne's cartoon feature "The Little Prince" is turning heads in much the same way Le Petit Prince book, by Antione de Saint-Exupery did in 1943. The Little Prince cartoon leads the list at the New York International Children's Film Festival. The modern world may not be as jaded as WWII France. But perhaps the same need exists for the simple truth and beauty in this story.
It's a book about children, but it's for adults who would be as wise as children. There are many lesson plans for grownups in the story. It's good to see this charming tale translated from French and brought to the screen. Time was when every literate kid had a copy of Le Petit Prince or The Little Prince on her bookshelf (both if she was lucky). But the story was all but forgotten in children's literature lesson plans.
Here are free printable cartoon coloring pages from The Little Prince book and movie. Characters are not named but are referred to as a child would, by their characteristics--The Mother, Mr. Prince, the Aviator, the Snake, the Conceited Man, the Drunkard, the King, the Rose and of course, The Little Prince and his friend the Fox. Each of the grownups peoples his own asteroid. Some represent different adult foibles or character flaws. Others Le Petit Prince respects, like the Lamplighter who is simple. It's an allegorical parable and should be required reading in high school literature lesson plans

Hello Kids has some more free printable coloring pages from Le Petie Prince illustrations. This website has a few more free printable coloring pages from The Little Prince. Coloriages, a French site has free printable Le Petit Prince coloring pages from the book. The movie is a 3D stop-motion animated film does some nice things with animation. To show the passage of time, it uses modern cartoon styles for the present and de Saint-Exupery illustrations from Le Petit Prince in flashbacks. This technique could be emphasized in films in literature lesson plans. Here are lesson plans from Spark Notes on The Little Prince.