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Free printable calendars, online organizers, personal planners

Happy New Year 2016. How long does it take you to switch gears from the old year and remember the correct one? If it you're still writing 2015 on dates and forms, maybe you need new calendar printouts to help you recall? Or maybe you just need personal planners or online organizers. Here are free printable 2016 calendars to download and print. Use online organizers to manage online bill payment and personal planners to coordinate family activities. The post paper calendar printouts to keep everyone on the same page.
Print Free has gobs and gobs of free printable calendars in tons of different views and configurations. There are monthly calendar printouts, weekly date planners, year-at-a-glance, two-month calendars and online organizers. Choose from different patterns and themes. Select vertical or horizontal style personal planners. Opt for major holidays to be included. There's nothing to download. Just choose the style you want, point and shoot (or click and print, in this case).
Print 2016 Calendars has a vast array of free printable calendars in month styles. Fonts differ by bold, large-print and outline design. Print your online organizers as in grid, bookmark, year-at-a-glance and other styles. These calendar printouts open in PDF or Microsoft Word format (you have to have those software tools installed and enabled to open and print).
Here are tools for online organizers and personal planners to create free printable calendars from Calendar Labs. Add in religious holidays from your specific faith--dates for those are included. Perhaps your religion follows a different calendar, like Hebrew, Islam or Indian. This tool will help you generate and customize a 2016 (western year) calendar.

Here's yet another link for free printable calendars to customize. Win Calendar has a really nice, easy-to-use layouts for online organizers. Design personal planners and calendar printouts in the style that works best for you.