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Free Printable Winter Solstice Activities, Lessons

Among the high profile holidays­­ Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa­­there is the lesser known, sometimes forgotten winter solstice. Thewinter holiday is an ancient pagan rite, celebrated around December 20­23, in connection with the shortest day of the year.

Here are free printable winter solstice activities, snowflake crafts, holiday games, winter science and solstice social studies lesson plans. Pagan Druids and Wiccans commemorated winter solstice. This winter holiday also marks the first day of winter so it's a great time to teach calendar skills, marking time, changing seasons, the solar system, astronomy and constellations.

Apples for the Teacher has a whole unit on winter and pagan winter Solstice. You get free printable winter solstice activities, snowflake crafts, puzzles, mazes, word searches, poetry, crossword puzzles, short stories, jigsaw puzzles and worksheets to study the winter season. Cutting paper snowflake crafts teaches math, geometry and measurement activities. Snowflake crafts are perfect for hands­on winter holiday math lessons These free printable winter solstice activities and snowflake crafts are geared to preschool, general education and special needs classrooms.

ABC Teach has gobs of free printable winter holiday worksheets, writing, counting, reading, numbers, letters, math and science activities. You'll find free printable coloring pages with winter scenes, snowmen, snow sports and more. Scroll down the page for free printable preschool and elementary winter puzzles, cryptograms, mazes, shape books, rebus puzzles, matching games, cut and paste crafts, Venn diagrams, writing prompts, winter word wall, word search, snowy story starter and winter worksheets.

The Teacher's Corner has free printable pagan winter solstice activities to fill your homeschool or classroom with winter fun and learning. Print many free printable worksheets, reading, writing, crafts, games and science activities. Artists Helping Children has many free printable winter solstice craft activities for kids. Children will love learning about holidays from around the world. Winter Solstice is one of the oldest pagan winter holiday celebrations in the