Free Printable Lesson Plans: Blackfish Documentary, Orca Whale Tilikum, SeaWorld Boycott Lesson Plans

Blackfish Documentary, Orca Whale Tilikum, SeaWorld Boycott Lesson Plans

My husband came home outraged about Tilikum, SeaWorld's killer orca whale. The film "Blackfish" explores Tilikum who has killed several people including trainer Dawn Brancheau. There's a lot of sad history that went before. SeaWorld has denied responsibility for the death despite a series of fails, violations and broken promises. Now Tilikum's fate hangs in the balance and all because of corporate greed. PETA is calling for SeaWorld boycotts. They've launched "Free Tilly" to get the orca back in the ocean and out of captivity. Use the film and associated lesson plans to encourage student activism in sea mammal protection.   

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