Free Printable Lesson Plans: Free Printable Vintage Paper Toys, Coloring Crafts

Free Printable Vintage Paper Toys, Coloring Crafts

Free Printable Historical Toys and Activities What do you get when you cross a historati (me) with an anglophile (also me)? You get a superb source of vintage, historical free printable activities from all over the world! Today's cool old stuff comes from the Victoria and Albert Museum. Ancient history, Greco-Roman bas-relief, Oriental vases, Mesopotamian pottery, Phoenician cuneiform, Egyptian scarabs, Benares brass, Persian rugs, Medieval illuminations, regency England cavaliers, Edwardian toys, Victorian games...sigh, I think I've landed in antiquarian heaven. Some of the items are no longer available but here are some free printable paper toys. Here are lots more paper toys to print free. A small donation is requested but not required and you'll find tons of paper vehicles, games and toys. 

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