Free Printable Lesson Plans: Free Printable Father's Day Crafts

Free Printable Father's Day Crafts

What do you get for dad on Father's Day? Children may find themselves with little cash to buy something. Teachers, here's where we can help. Here are free printable Father's Day crafts and greeting cards that you can make. Homeschoolers use these at home. Easy, cheap and fun. Dad will love your creativity and thoughtfulness.
PBS Sprout has free printable crafts for children. Print free Fathers Day cards from Chica, Caillou and Fireman Sam. There are free printable cards and coloring pages featuring dad-themed activities like sports, music and fishing. There are craft printables from: Angelina Ballerina, Barney & Friends, Bob the Builder, Caillou, Chloe's Closet, Good Night Show, Noodle and Doodle, Pajanimals, Sesame Street, Sprout Sharing Show, Sunny Side Up Show, The Chica Show, The Wiggles, Thomas & Friends and Wibbly Pig.
The Toymaker has free printable Fathers Day crafts in vintage themes. but they look vintage. You'll love the hand-made greeting cards and crafts. The Toymaker has two free printable Father's Day greeting cards that can be designed to say "to husband" also. Click around the site for free printable paper crafts and toys.

Disney Family has free printable Father's Day crafts, greeting cards and games. There are coupons, gift certificates, a keepsake box, photo frames and a crown for dad. Print crafts featuring Disney characters: Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Pixar, Nemo and Marlin, King Triton,

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