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Free Printable Orthodox Catholic Coloring Activities

September 1 marks the Eastern Orthodox Church's new liturgical year. The Christian Orthodox church, whose branches include Russian, Ukrainian, Slavic, Slavonic and Greek Orthodox, is linked to the Byzantine Church. The eastern rite churches follow most of the same practices as the Christian Catholic church, such as veneration of saints, icons, holy relics and martyrs. Here are free printable coloring pages, activities and lesson plans to celebrate Orthodox new year.   Read on

Free Printable Mars Rover Curiosity Lesson Plans

Houston, the eagle (well, rover) has landed. NASA's Mars rover "Curiosity" set foot on the red planet August 5, 2012, says ABC News. Here are free printable Mars rover Curiosity lesson plans. Educators, why go back to school with a Mars party? Use these Mars Curiosity rover lessons to create inspiring, engaging science fun. Perfect for elementary, middle school, high school, special needs and home school students. Read on

Free Printable Preschool Games, Hands on Activities, Lesson Plans

Hands on preschool games and activities help build developmental skills in early childhood. There's no need to spend money on lessons for preschoolers. You can find free printable games and interactive educational materials online. Many preschool printables are also cut and paste crafts that kids can make themselves. Here are free printable alphabet activities, reading and letter games, math worksheets and shapes lessons. Perfect for homeschoolers and back to school lesson plans. Read on at Free Early Childhood Activities

Free Printable Labor Day Coloring Pages and Lesson Plans

Labor Day was developed by labor unions as a day to recognize the achievements and contributions of organized labor as well as the efforts of every working person in the United States. As with most holidays and celebration, Labor Day has come to be known as the last party day before school starts. And every holiday must have it's fun and games, right? Here are several websites which offer free printable coloring pages, games, puzzles and party decorations. For those who want to explore the more educational aspect of Labor Day, I've listed some links and websites with free printable lesson plans and activities as well. Read more

Free Printable Hubble Space Telescope Astronomy Activities for Mars Rover Curiosity, Perseid Meteor Shower Party

Teachers and home school parents, looking for a back-to-school kickoff of galactic magnitude? Why use the recent Mars rover Curiosity landing to throw a Mars party? Link to one of the fall meteor showers and inspire student stargazers. Autumn meteor events include the Perseids (aka Perseid meteor shower) in August, the Orionids (October), the Leonids (November) and Geminids (December). astronomy and earth science lessons.

Here are free printable science activities and lesson plans on the Hubble Space Telescope to help. The Chrysler IMAX Theater at the Detroit Science Center has what you need. Read more at read on

Free Printable Hindu Diwali, Rangoli Crafts, Activities, Lessons

Hindus, Sikhs and Jains began celebrating Diwali, the Festival of Lights. In 2014, it began with Dhanteras on October 20 and moves to the official Diwali on October 23 and 24. Diwali, also spelled Deepavali, is the Hindu calendar new year. There's lots of feasting, decorating, worship, lighting of diya (lamps) and fireworks. Rangoli are special Hindu designs used in crafts and decorating. Here are free printable rangoli patterns for Diwali.
  • Activity Village also offers free printable Diwali crafts, There are Diwali coloring pages, greeting cards, games, puzzles, money envelopes, stationary and writing paper, bookmarks and scrapbook pages, plus printables for Bhaiya-Dooj the holiday that ends the Festival of Lights. Print Bhaiya-dooj coloring pages and crafts. 

Use rangoli patterns as stencils to decorate fabric, create murals, or chalk your walks. To design a pretty Diwali welcome sign on your front walk, rrint patterns on zoom to expand. Then trace on sidewalk. Color in design with sidewalk chalk or paint. To give holiday greetings, say "Shubh Diwali!" 

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