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Free Printable Veterans Day Activities

Free Printable Veterans Day Activities November 11: Veteran's Day, or Armistice Day, celebrates the end of WWI in Europe. Armistice means "the laying down of arms in battle." Generally, a peace treaty or some kind of non-aggression pact is signed. After WWI, the Treaty of  Versailles was signed. Explore the history and significance of Veterans Day with free printable activities. Veterans Day is so much more than just a bank holiday or a day that we don't get mail. Veterans Day remembers and celebrates the lives and efforts of soldiers, sailors and airmen the world over and especially those who gave the last full measure. It has been said of World War One that it very nearly obliterated an entire generation. Here are some free printable activities and resources to help you explore World War One and Veterans Day in the classroom or at home. Read more

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